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  1. Question GPU cannot be fully seated in top PCIe slot despite components apparently being compatible

    Hi there, my GPU can't be fully seated into my top PCIe slot because the SATA ports are getting in the way. It fits into the bottom PCIe and works fine because there is no obstruction. I have a Z590 Pro4 motherboard and my GPU is a 3070 Ti. My case is a Corsair 4000D Airflow. What can I do? For...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Will a 240mm rad fit in a Corsair 220T?

    Hey seeing if anyone has experience building with the Corsair 220T case. I wanna know if it's possible to fit a 240mm rad on the top of the case. I've read that you need low profile ram. Ppl are saying 34mm. I have the new Corsair vengeance pro sl stick which are 44mm in height. Will that be...
  3. A Quincy Joker

    [SOLVED] NH-D15 CPU Cooler Clearance Corsair 460X Crystal too narrow Hi I need help finding a case with better CPU Cooler clearance for the Chromax NH-D15 and USB ports towards the front of the case (my cats like to reset and shutdown my PC) with Airflow as a top priority. I don’t care too much for RGB in...
  4. MSYF27

    [SOLVED] MSI Mortar Max B450m pcie clearance

    Do 2 slotted gpu's cover the 2nd pcie x1 slot on the Mortar max b450m? My build needs to have an expansion for usb 3.0.
  5. T

    Question Fitting large CPU heatsinks in the INWIN 805 case

    Hello everyone, so I am curious has anyone actually tried this so they can tell me their results. I hAve an inwin 805 case, and currently I have installed the bequiet Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler in it. The manufacturers site says that the maximum CPU cooler clearance is 156mm in height (to be...