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  1. R

    Windows booted with no image, now power button doesn't work

    I'm absolutely at the end of my tether now. Days have gone working fine, then once again things are going wrong. In my old PC I put this 290x in, and it worked fine for days then booted with no image. Now, with a new P8Z77v and Corsair 1000w PSU it booted with no image as it did after 3 days...
  2. I

    I burned up the video card running the TV. What is required for a vid card to run the TV. If it works?

    I have a Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000, Vista SP2 64 bit running a Radeon 5570 HD video card and a Sony 46 inch HDTV. So all I beed to do is plug it in. I don't want to burn up this card or my computer. The old one worked the a few months then burned out. Any info is good, thanks for the help!
  3. P

    Looking for some graphics card buying advice:)

    I built my gaming pc about a year ago on a mid range budget (about $725 give or take a few bucks) and I love it and it runs great if I'm running Skyrim but with all these new games I'm just looking to make some upgrades. I didn't know hardly anything about computers when I set out to build my...
  4. M

    How to power on a ASRock H97M Pro4 motherboard for a test outside the box?

    Trying to test the motherboard / memory / CPU before installing all into the case. I've got an Intel motherboard / i3-4330 / G. Skill 1600 8 gigs / XFXTS550 all ready to test. However just powering on the power supply doesn't power on the motherboard. The manual for the power supply states...
  5. T

    Is this a worth while mobo/cpu upgrade for the price?

    Ok, here is a combo deal I keep going back to and I'm wondering if the community here, whom I find incredibly intelligent, could offer me their opinions. First off here is my current PC which I have really not upgraded much in the five years I have had it. AMD A8-3800 cpu 2.4GHz 8 gig memory...
  6. D

    GPU display driver crashing and being forced to recover

    I've been having issues with my graphics cards drivers crashing and being forced to recover. I believe this is due to a virus that is infecting my computer as my svchost.exe is eating up large amounts of memory. This is linked to viruses like BitMiner which i think is using my GPU and causing...
  7. Noble_

    First Build- Advice Welcome!

    Now, I know you guys probably see too many of these threads already, but I'd really like your help. After reading an article in MaximumPC, I decided to finally just go ahead and save up for my first gaming build. I've never built a PC before, so I showed their build to a friend, where he changed...
  8. V

    choosing cpu for gtx 970

    what cpu should i buy for gtx 970. i m not a pro gamer. will Core i3 3220 will perform well with this gpu ?
  9. C

    Samsung 840 EVO SSD low benchmark

    I just finished my first build this week. I am booting off of a Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD. With this SSD comes the Samsung Magician software. In Magician, I have set the OS optimization settings to "Maximum Performance". Also, Magician confirms that I am in AHCI mode and that my SATA interface...
  10. C

    will my gtx 780 run three monitors ?

    hi just got a gtx 780 very very happy with it, could I run 3 of these monitors ? http://www.amazon.co.uk/BenQ-GL2450HM-Widescreen-Multimedia-Compatible/dp/B005OPLG0O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411065892&sr=8-1&keywords=24%22+monitors
  11. D

    Buying new laptop not needing it for high def gaming just for fallout 3 etc. spec below.. think its a good spec for £300?

    HP - 15-g092sa 15.6" Laptop - Black is the name of the laptop! OS : 8.1 Windows (will be downgrading to 7) Processor AMD A8-6410 APU RAM 8 GB DDR3L GPU AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Storage 1 TB HDD, 5400 rpm Its going to be used mainly for low end games such as fallout series and...
  12. D

    constant bsod on hp pavillion laptop and need some help please

    i am constantly getting bsod or the pc will just completely shutoff and go black and restart. I have restored the pc like new and i still get the issue. These are the two errors i constantly receive. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7600.
  13. T

    How would this PC would run BF4?

    So, I just build a PC in "pcpartpicker" and I'm curious as to how it would run BF4, Far Cry 3, and Metro Last Light. Could anyone give me a good guess as to how many FPS I will get with this rig? Oh, and also, you will notice that I don't have an HDD or OS listed, and that's because I have an...
  14. F

    Need help with what I should put in a new $2000 PC

    Hello I am High School Student looking at going to university soon and I am in need of a new desktop PC that can do the job I want it to do. I am currently looking at doing architecture and will need it to be able to run and render in CAD programs. I also like to use Photoshop, After Effects...
  15. G

    Suggest me cheaper alternates for this gaming pc build

    i have about 1500$ to spend on a new gaming pc but when i added all of these components it was about 1800$ so suggest me cheaper alternates yes, i will do overclocking no keyboard os, mouse, monitor needed please tell me what to add/change in this build because this is my first time building...
  16. Q

    Crucial M550 vs Samsung 840 Pro vs Samsung 850 Pro vs Sandisk Extreme Pro vs Crucial MX100

    Hi Experts, I have a need for a Hard Disk or a SSD. I'm building a server for my own use. With 32 GB RAM, 2 CPU Quad Core 3GHz processors. I'm trying to find a better SSD, since they are lot faster than traditional Hard Disks. Can anyone, please suggest me, which SSD is better when it comes...
  17. Urzu1000

    Picking Mouse Pad

    Put simply, I'm looking for a new mouse pad as the one that came with my ROG GX1000 Mouse was lost. Don't ask how, but that behemoth got lost. So now I turn to the experts; you guys. What should I look for in a new mouse pad? Recommendations are always appreciated as well. Thanks!
  18. R

    Power supply help

    Only have a generic psu atm, and am wondering on a low budget what is the best psu for this build and the cheapest yet a name brand. CPU: AMD A4-4000 3.0Ghz Dual-Core Llano Series FM2 APU w/ Radeon HD 7480D 4GB DDR 3 1600 MHZ PC-12800 Memory 500GB Hard Drive 1 HDMI Port/ 1VGA port 8 USB...
  19. 1

    ASUS Z87 Pro and USB 3.0

    I have an ASUS Z87 Pro motherboard installed in a Thor V2 case. The motherboard has one USB 3.0 port and the Thor case uses that port for front panel USB 3.0 ports. I now want to install an IDsonix USB 3.0 internal card reader (for Compact Flash, SD cards, etc. It also requires a USB 3.0 port on...
  20. A

    Monitor Under $200

    I am currently thinking of building a new PC with an Intel i5-4570 processor and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 graphics card. Can you please recommend a suitable gaming monitor under $200? I also may use this for displaying my Xbox 360, so HDMI is required.