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  1. Chezzy

    Question HDD clicking noise and no head parking

    I have a Seagate ST3500312CS that can't be detected and making clicking noise. Since it's doesn't hold many important files, I tried open it up and fix it. The head was stuck near the middle motor and after watching a couple of videos and images of hard drive interior, the head should be parked...
  2. S

    Question HDD - Infrequent clicking noise

    Hi all, Since the start of using my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53, my 1TB Toshiba HDD has made infrequent clicking noises, this happens even when at idle. The temperatures are fine, I've checked the health of my HDD and everything else including CPU, SATA cable condition, RAM, etc. All good, no signs...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Electronic clicking/ticking sound coming from Dell G5 5000 desktop

    Hey guys, hoping someone can help me identify what this clicking sound is. I purchased a new Dell G5 5000 desktop and it's been making an occasional ticking/clicking sound right from the get go. It sounds more electronic than mechanical, but I'm no expert. Happens very irregularly, sometimes...
  4. T

    Question Does anyone have any idea why the head of my external hard drive refuses to move?

    View: The external harddrive spins up like normal, its just the head that stays at the exact same location while making a clicking sound. View: if i try to push it a little closer to the disc, it just...
  5. M

    Will gtx660ti work in my Hp compaq 500b with core2 duo pc?

    Hey guyz, I was thinking of upgrading my computer in general. For now, I can only upgrade my graphics card then months later upgrade my pc to say an i5.... The graphic card i want to buy is a gtx660ti. The problem is I dont know if it will work in my current pc or the danger i pose to my...