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  1. Ziplo

    Question Random clicking noise from GPU (like rattlesnake noise) ?

    Hey guys, I'm getting some clicking noise from GPU randomly (not constant) while idle. When I increase the fan speed to 60% or above it is gone or very rare. It is a HP Prebuilt and It has been just over a month getting the built and experiencing the issue for the past two weeks. When I...
  2. Codeluffix

    Question Help identifying clicking sound in system, video inc

    I recently upgraded everything except my GPU and psu. It was all working great until I started hearing a clicking sound. CPU: i7 11700k Mobo: tuf gaming z590 plus GPU: r9 fury sapphire nitro At first I suspected the PSU and bought a new one from be quiet. 850w just to be safe. After installing...
  3. H

    Question AIO is making a weird clicking noise.

    my pc just recently started having an odd clicking noise come from the radiator, not sure what it is or why it’s happening but i guess that’s why i’m here. i’m 100% sure the fans aren’t making the noise and i’ve tracked down the source of the noise to the radiator. if anyone could help me figure...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Electronic clicking/ticking sound coming from Dell G5 5000 desktop

    Hey guys, hoping someone can help me identify what this clicking sound is. I purchased a new Dell G5 5000 desktop and it's been making an occasional ticking/clicking sound right from the get go. It sounds more electronic than mechanical, but I'm no expert. Happens very irregularly, sometimes...