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  1. S

    Question PSU turning on and off under load. Very soft clicking at the pcb simultaneous to the instability.

    Model: Corsair VS550. PSU turns off under load, paperclip test shows proper voltages but when connected to a load the PSU is unstable and there's a very soft clicking noise whenever there's the instability (it keeps turning on and off). The noise is audible when you open the PSU up, put the fan...
  2. chemical khan

    How to manually set memory Clock on Gigabyte b75m-d3h, i'm using Kingston Hyperx Fury 1866 mhz

    How to manually set Hyper X fury's clock @1866Mhz on Gigabyte B75m-d3h motherboard i have tried using multiplier but it is not going higher than 16x (1600). plz help :??: -also Hyper X Fury does not support X.M.P but it automatically goes to 1866 on z77 or 87 -Updated bios to the latest version...