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  1. Adam B

    Question Port Forwarding - Modem / Router not playing nice, or am I missing something?

    Hello! I'm trying to use my computer to host a centralized version control server for a team coding project, and so far everything is seemingly set up correctly in terms of the server, and the client sides -- except that the TCP connection fails due to an issue with my port 1666, which the...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Good free email client for Windows 10 that works with exchange

    Hey guys I'm looking for good and free email client for Win 10 that supports exchange mails. I've tried Thunderbird but the only way to use my exchange mail was either exQuila or Owa both of which are paid with 14-days free trial. So what email clients are you using and are you happy with them?
  3. M

    Question [Solved] Problem with a Lan installation: PXE-E53 No boot file name received

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Windows 7 on an old laptop via LAN (the laptop does not support boot from USB and the DVD player gives problems) I followed these 2 guides: to configure the free version of Serva. to configure TFTPboot. At this point I connect the laptop to my router, I chose...
  4. Question Create and Connect to external server via internet

    Hi, I need a little help to create an FTP server at home that I can access from outside of my network using FileZilla (I do not have a networking background and I understand it would be the easiest to configure). The settings I made in FileZilla Server are the following: Listen on these ports...
  5. A

    Question I need to re-setup the Computer Lab for the school that I currently work in

    Hello. Please help me. I'am a newbie here and the following is to give you a picture of what i have and what i need. # I need to re-setup the Computer Lab for the school that I currently work in. Following are the user requirements: A total of 100 students will sit in a single session. They...
  6. FlashGuard

    Question Turn off windows FOCUS

    So me and my roomate want to play ESO. my pc can run both clients with no issue. The only issue is that i am trying to play using a keyboard and mouse. While he is playing on a gamepad (360 controller) Anyway. i cannot play at the same time due to something in windows known as Window Focus. In...
  7. A

    HP Laptop dead after screen replacement

    Hello, The screen of my HP Envy 15 (hp envy 15-ah000na) cracked a while back and I recently got round to replacing it. After ordering the correct replacement screen, I carefully installed it as usual. After plugging in the charger and pressing the ON button, the laptop began working, keyboard...
  8. J

    Graphics card for Unreal Engine 4

    Hello all, I'm looking to start developing video games using Unreal Engine 4. My current specs: AMD FX-6300 8GB DDR3 RAM 1TB HDD 120GB SSD Integrated Radeon HD 3000 graphics (they're crap) I'm looking to buy a dedicated graphics card for use with UE4 development. I'm looking at the following...
  9. W

    Battlefield 1 getting huge FPS fluctuations with gtx970

    Hi. I am playing battlefield 1 with a MSI gtx 970 Gaming 4gb and a i5 4690k I get some huge differences in Fps. It can go from 80 to 30 in seconds. I am playing on ULTRA but i have turn certain things off you on low, like: Post process quality LOW Ambient Occulation OFF Antialiasing OFF...
  10. SkateArc

    Honor 5X VS Moto G4 Plus

    Hey Everyone, i am trying to find a budget phone for Grandma and i have found 2 that i believe are quite descent and would like to know out of the Honor 5X and Moto G4 Plus which phone would be better quality wise? My Grandma only needs the phone for Calling and Texting so gaming specs aren't...