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    [SOLVED] how to keep cpu at turbo boost constant

    soo i have a i7 3770 with a non z mobo , as far as i know the i7 can pull off 3.9ghz at turbo but then it drops to 3.4ghz or low when not needed , is there a way i can keep the cpu clock speeds to 3.9GHZ all the time without any drops no matter what i am doing , i just need it to stay 3.9ghz all...
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    Question After installing new RAM, Notebook constantly reboots itself, I can't even run Memtest86 [DDR3, SODIMM]

    Hello and welcome to my post, I'll go into detail so you can know what happened so far. I've acquired a pair of 4GB Kingston 1600Mhz RAM model KVR16LS11/4 modules For an old Samsung Notebook model NP-RV511-AAR1, to which, after EXTENSIVE research on my part (this linked site is one of many)...
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    Question GPU clock stuck at 1900MHz and mem at 4000Mhz

    Recently, I installed a new air cooler on my CPU, and a new power suply ( 750W 80+Gold). Everything went fine the first day. Yesterday, everything change for the worst.... My fps dropped from 240 to 30,20,10.... I checked on MSI Afterburner and I got these results. GPU : Gtx 1070 8Go MSI GPU...
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    [SOLVED] I am new and need some guidance...RAM speed and cooling issues?

    So I recently built my first PC and, at least for a "my first build," I would say that it is quite the powerhouse! I am proud of it and everything seems to be working properly. I will include the specifications now... Computer Information: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Model...