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    Question Anybody else Having clock issues with the 5700 XT

    Computer Type:Desktop GPU: 5700xt Red devil CPU: 2600x Motherboard: asrock fatal1ty x470 RAM: 16gn ddr4 G.skill 2133 PSU: Evga 850 Operating System Windows 10 GPU Drivers:19.9.2 and 19.9.3 I just got this card in today got it all hooked up and started up some games and noticed that the boost...
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    Question GPU limits itself to 900MHz

    While playing unoptimized or CPU intensive games, such as Arma3, Fallout4 and Minecraft (these are the only ones so far where i found this issue) my GPU is limited to 900MHz. This started happening a day ago when i was playing minecraft, i saw my that my GPU clock speed was only 900MHz instead...
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    Question i7 6700k clock speed incredibly slow

    Hi, I recently came back from my vacation and my PC felt incredibly slow. I opened task manager just to find out that my i7 6700k is running at 0.8ghz, which is abnormal compared to the normal 4ghz. However, when I did try to troubleshoot my computer the clock speed sometimes fluctuates between...