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    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 5800X not going to boost clock, nor lowering clocks with zero load

    Hi, sorry if I ask any stupid questions, its my first proper build but not too experienced. I've looked for a lot of solutions but couldn't find any that worked so I thought I'd ask. I have a Ryzen 7 5800X cpu, advertised at 3.6GHz base and up to 4.8GHz boost clocks. Out of the box, it was...
  2. Question CPU Always at Maximum Processor State

    My cpu has been running at the same percentage of what the max processor state is, this has been going on for couple of weeks and i can't seem to find the reason why this is happening. I have tried all sorts of methods, did not work. Here is the image of my task manager: One thing to note is...
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    Question GPU Clock Speed dropping to 210Mhz during gaming

    It's a laptop , Legion 5 2021 (RTX 3060 variant) I bought this a few weeks ago and had absolutely zero troubles so far (I heavily gamed on it). but it all changed today , this morning all my games started dropping FPS heavily (into single digits) , happened soon after I started playing them ...
  4. Beratini

    [SOLVED] RX 5700 lower clock speed than should be

    I set my rx 5700's clock speed to 1700 mhz, but at stress tests clock speed is getting stuck at 1660 mhz. I tried setting clock speed at 1750 mhz and stress tests clock speed getting stuck at 1710 mhz. I reinstalled drivers after uninstalling the old one with DDU but nothing changed.
  5. [SOLVED] Understanding 12th gen CPUs memory controller limitations ?

    Greetings and happy new year to all 🥳🎄 ! This is a theoretical question, please consider I'm not building a new rig and don't need any advices like "there won't be performance benefit" or "best available options right now to go with". Now I really hope someone will answer this question, at...
  6. kozakis

    [SOLVED] AMD ryzen 5600x goes maximum clock speed when idle

    When my pc is not running anything at all it starts as temperature around 40C, CPU clock speed under 700MHz and CPU voltage around 1.1. After 10 minutes of not moving the mouse CPU Clock Speed goes 4600, CPU voltage goes 1.4 and temperature goes 55C. According to task manager no new process...
  7. [SOLVED] GTX 1080 Ti Core Clock comparison (Asus vs PNY) ?

    Hey there, I have a bit of a hard time understanding the behaviour of my GPUs. I have 2 GTX 1080 TI, one being an Asus Turbo (blower style) and one being a PNY Blower (obviously also blower style). Here the technical specs:
  8. K

    [SOLVED] CPU constantly fully clocked, even when Idling ?

    I have had this problem for a while and noticed that even when idling my CPU clock reaches 100% View: Even when playing games like Apex Legends I reduce the game quality but it still makes no difference, I even opened up task manager and it shows as 100% under CPU...
  9. [SOLVED] Unable to clock memory to 3000MHz (Stuck at 2133MHz) (BIOS not working?)

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read, I'm having some trouble getting my RAM to run at the supported speed. the ram is rated for 3000MHz, and my motherboard supports it at 2933MHz, but I can't get it ro run faster than the STD speed of 2133MHz. I've tried to address this in BIOS...
  10. ZcoperDK

    [SOLVED] my cpu is running at max clock speed when idling

    intel i7-9700 Task manager says the clock speed is when at its lowest 1,5 Ghz and highest 3,99 Ghz
  11. [SOLVED] Are the Number of Cores/Threads and Core Clock the two only things that matter when talking about CPU?

    Are the Number of Cores/Threads and Core Clock the two only things that matter when talking about how strong a CPU? If so, does it mean that i5 10400f is faster than i5 11400f? They have the same number of cores/threads but 10400f's clock speed is faster. That's impossible!
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    [SOLVED] My CPU is at max clock speed when idle, but goes below base clock speed when under a heavy load.

    My issue is that when my PC is under a heavy load, the clock speeds actually go below my base clock speed, and when I'm at idle it stays around it's maximum but fluctuates quite a bit. My initial thoughts are that this is because of thermal throttling, but my temperatures are the same as they...
  13. Question i7-8750h C0% Abnormally High

    I tried undervolting my CPU using throttlestop but I noticed that the C0% level is usually hovering over 10 which is very high, and there are no tasks taking up that much power besides system idle according to my task manager. On top of that, my clock speed is always much higher than the base...
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    [SOLVED] i5 9300h doesn't touching it's full potential

    Recently I have bought a acer aspire 7 laptop with i5 9300H + GTX1650 Gddr6, and when I'm stress testing cpu clock speed hovers between 3.3 MHz to 3.5 MHz but hw monitor showing that cpu is on 100% load.. So what is the problem ???? Why my cpu doesn't run on 4 GHz? N.B.- Temps are around 70-75°c
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    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 low clock speed?

    Hi everyone. My ryzen 5 3600 has a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz. Checking from windows activity monitor I noted that - on idle - the speed is lower: it oscillates from 2.4 to 3.4. The speed reach (and pass) 3,6 only if it is on stress. Is that normal? Shouldn't 3.6 always be the lowest bound...
  16. [SOLVED] Graphics card (rx560m) is stuck at 214mhz

    Hello, I've been having trouble with my graphics card recently. No matter what application I launch and how demanding it is the graphics card will not start clocking higher resulting in poor performance and my frustration. It is stuck like that a couple days by now. It has happened before but...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] CPU Core Clock Fluctuating on i7 10700K. is it Normal?

    the CPU core (on all 8 cores) clock speed is constantly fluctuating between 800MHz to 5,200MHz at Idle and also under load, I think. is this behavior normal and safe for the CPU? I'm using HWINFO64 to monitor and my CPU is an i7 10700k.
  18. [SOLVED] GTX 560 (Non Ti) Randomly crashes

    Hello, My PC recently started crashing into a grey (or rarely black) screen whenever I start using the GPU. The temp never rises more than 50'C I am using MSI Afterburner to monitor temperature (and FPS). I didn't know what memory clock and core clock meant so, I kept them the default. However...
  19. rMs1313

    Question cpu clock speed dropping well below base clock when gaming

    so ive been using this laptop for a while and ive always noticed in my task manager that when my pc is idle or not exactly doing any heavy task the cpu is at its turbo clock 3.4ghz but thye moment i start a game just any game the clock speed suddenly drops to 2-1.9ghz even below the base clock...
  20. N

    [SOLVED] Base clock vs boost clock

    Imagine there are two CPUs . ( 6 core/ 6 thread CPUs) 2.8 GHz base clock and 3.9GHz turbo boost speed . 3.4 GHz base clock and 3.8 GHz turbo boost speed. Rest of other cpu specifications are equal( equal number of cores , equal cache memory ) If cpu cooling and motherboard power delivery are...
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    [SOLVED] What's better for low-end web development (mobile processor)

    Hi! I am getting a low-end laptop for me to use when I go away from my home, or to relax elsewhere rather than my desktop. I was wondering, would a 4 core 1.8GHz processor be better than I 2 core at 2.1 GHz, I'm pretty sure it is the 4 core because it is a better multitasker and the clock speeds...
  22. Rillism

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to have my CPU throttle down at idle to reduce temps and noise?

    Hello, I just recently built my first PC and am a bit inexperienced in regards to controlling the system. I am running a Ryzen 7 3800x which has a base clock of 3.9 GHz. My issue is that the CPU is constantly running at this clock speed. Now I understand (based on recent searches) that this...
  23. alico777

    [SOLVED] i5 6400 not turbo boosting under load?

    Hi, so I have an i5-6400 for 2 years now. Its base clock is 2.7 GHz and turbo is 3.3 GHz. Recently I found out by looking in the task manager and after that checking in the CPU-Z also, that while I play games my cpu is boosting only to 3.08 GHz and no more. Also when I run a stress test in CPU-Z...
  24. T

    [SOLVED] CPU insane clock speed fluctuation - Is this normal?

    Specs: Windows 10 64-bit Ryzen 5 3500U Vega 8 Integrated GPU 16GB DDR4 Single Channel So I don't know if this is normal or not, my CPU's clock speed fluctuates really wildly while in use (sometimes even when it's idle) I use a program called Ryzen Controller, it lets you boost the TDP of the...
  25. G

    Question R9 390 Clock Speed Dropping Randomly?

    CPU: i5-6600k GPU: R9 390 During Call of Duty Modern Warfare I'm seeing my clock speed drop to 300MHz which causes a massive stutter. I using up-to-date drivers (20.3.1) My temps are fine, always around 55C. The stutter is consistent with the clock speed dip. Also my GPU usage spikes from 0-100...
  26. AverageGamer24

    Question Undervolt makes my GPU get HOTTER?!

    So after a lot of research and troubleshooting my problems that I mentioned in my previous threads I finally managed to fix it, but now I have a new question, not problem but question... I have noticed that my GPU (Which is an XFX RX 570 4 GB) doesn't reach max clock speed so I decided to...
  27. D

    [SOLVED] Cannot overclock my GPU it goes back to base clock (RX580)

    I have a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8G GPU and for some reason it wouldn't go over 1250 mhz even though it supposed to go up to 1411 mhz boost clock. I tried to overclock it but every time I set a clock speed and apply it, it instantly reverts back to 1250 mhz. I tried it in Adrenalin and MSI...
  28. P

    [SOLVED] CPU refuses to go above 900 Mhz

    Hey there. I have had this PC for around 2 years now, and have recently noticed that my PC refuses to go above 900Mhz, no matter what. I've tried running intensive benchmarks such as Cinebench r20, but it just wont go above. Intel Power Gadget, Core temp and task manager all report the cpu...
  29. V

    [SOLVED] My GPU runs at a max clock of 1605 MHz despite setting it to 1915 MHz. How to fix?

    Hey all - As the title suggests, my GPU (an Asus Dual RTX 2070 Super OC) runs at 1605 MHz according to both GPU-Z and Asus GPU Tweak II, despite clocking it to 1915 MHz in the latter. I remember fiddling around in Nvidia Control Panel to improve my fps in games, however I read somewhere that...
  30. BobMcSmith

    [SOLVED] RAM Timings vs Clock Speed

    Hi! I'm buying some new RAM, but I'm looking for more information on the timings vs the clock speed of the RAM. Here are the three I'm comparing:
  31. C


    So i am planning to build a PC with RTX 2060 SUPER and i am choosing between GIGABYTE RTX 2060 SUPER OC 3x WINDFORCE and GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 2060 SUPER and what i see is the clock speed of 1710 MHz for WINDFORCE and 1845 MHz for AORUS , what i am comparing is the price. Is the WINDFORCE OC...
  32. NerdyComputerGuy

    Question Looking to buy an Xeon CPU for my 1150 board as an upgrade

    One thing I'd like to ask is I will probably go anything over the 1230 v3, the only difference between the higher models is the clock speed by like 100-300 mhz, i think the max is 4ghz. Is it worth the extra £10-40 difference with only 100-300 mhz difference or should I just get the 1230 /...
  33. [SOLVED] 2070 Super clock speed higher than expected.

    As you can see my 2070 Super is boosting to a stable 1980Mhz without me doing any kind of overclocking. Is this normal?
  34. T

    [SOLVED] How to set a permanent clock on AMD RX 5700

    Hello. I have got an RX 5700 and i want to set it at a permanent clock speed. I want to do that because i play games such as CSGO on low res, Minecraft and League of Legends which dont stress my gpu that much that it rly boosts to near its max clock speed. I am playing on a high refresh monitor...
  35. 1

    [SOLVED] are the fan speeds and temps normal for 4k gaming?

    recently got a RTX 2080 ti for 4k gaming had it for 2 days now i think and i was wondering theses fan speeds and the temps were normal? the fan speed for all 3 fans for the card well pretty much be at 60% with temps of mid 60c or 70c the card i got is EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming...
  36. C

    Question GPU Clock Speed Spikes causing shutdown?

    Hi guys, So I've been having this issue with my PC shutting down randomly over the past while. It just powers down with no warning and then turns back on. The time between shutdowns is completely random, ranging from days to minutes. After trying to reinstall windows, trying a new power supply...
  37. X

    Question The clock speed of my GPU is not working properly

    just finished building my PC a couple of days ago the only problem is that ive been having very low fps on some of the least demanding games (CS:GO) ive had trouble downloading drivers and have had to use some of the older drivers (This isnt really great for me because i would like to have...
  38. D

    Question CPU clock speed always at max

    So I recently built this PC with an i9 9900k and msi z390 gaming pro carbon mobo so basically I did not see that intel turbo was on so it was basically overclocked since I got it at some point I decided to turn off turbo and after that my clock speed has always been at max, before at idle it'll...
  39. Q

    Question 16gb ram installed, 8gb reserved, Ram clock wont change, Cpu clock wont change

    I am having issues with my ram/cpu, I was using a software and I went to check how much cpu usage it was Using, along with ram usage, then I noticed the cpu clock had reset from 3.6ghz to 3.2ghz, the ram was also different, it was at 2133mhz instead of 3200, and it said that 8gb of it was...
  40. N

    Question Optimized Overclock for my Build? Suggestions? Please?

    Attempting to get a performance boost past stock. So I am looking for someone to give me a their best guess on the highest OC Settings I can go without risking stability issues. I'm having issues at stock settings in games and don't believe my system specs (Although relatively old) should have...