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    Question Which ram block should i choose for a Ryzen 2700X

    So i'm about to buy a new pc next month since my current one is dying at the speed of light and been looking to build a Ryzen one since it's alot cheaper then normal. Having read about ram speed and CL i'm more confused than ever because everytime i try and search for an answer i'm just running...
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    Question 3.50 gHz cpu locked at .80 gHz

    I am having some issues with my cpu, granted its a bit old but should still be able to play most games without too much issue. current setup Mobo: Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero GPU: Strix GeForce 970 gtx 4gb CPU: Intel i5 4690k quad core 16 gb of ram To be fair, im not sure if this is really a valid...
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    [SOLVED] How to permanently change GPU clock speeds and voltage etc.?

    Does anybody know how to do this such that if you take the GPU outside of its current system and put it into another system it will remember the designated settings? I am not looking for changing it in afterburner and then requiring afterburner to load up every time I boot my system to keep the...
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    How to solve asus laptop unable boot - black screen bios

    How to solve my asus laptop, black screen, no display..
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    Asus - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB Dual Video Card questions?

    Hi I have a Asus - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB Dual Video Card My question is what monitor will be best for it and please give me a good priced monitor. Also I’m not getting an optical drive. I’m still currently building...
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    Should I upgrade my case?

    I'm about to assemble my new PC with new parts soon. I'm wondering, is it best to keep my current case or upgrade to my desired choice. Current: Upgrade:
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    What mic are they using?

    Could someone tell me what mic they are using in this video? http://
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    Swapping the data from two hard drives.

    So I am looking to swap the data of my 500gb HDD out of my ps4 and my 750gb HDD out of my laptop. I dont use the laptop much and really need the extra 250gb on ps4 but dont want to lose anything from either. So my question is the only way to simply make clones by using my "real" pc with ample...
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    RAM usage 40% Page file usage 99% ???

    Isn't the page file supposed to fill up when your system starts running out of RAM? I know there's some preemptive paging, but I'm at 99% even though my RAM usage is 40% (of 8GBs) How come?
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    cheap graphics cards to play games on 1366x768 monitor

    Hi guys Im looking for a budget graphic card to plays games like ac3 ac black flag and crysis 2 and 3 on a monitor with resolution 1366x768
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    case selection for first build

    These are my current specs: I want to make sure there is enough clearance for the cooler master 212 evo and the other parts. I have a few picked out. My budget is $70. Any suggestions? Rosewill challenger U3 Fractal Design Core 3000 Enermax ECA3280A-BL...
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    Most recent MOBO with PCI

    My 9 year old desktop has failed. I replaced PSU, but that did not solve the problem. I suspect a bad cpu ( 478 ) and/or Asus P4P800 MOBO. If i have to replace one or both, i would be content with one that still has some PCI slots, so i could still use a fax modem. tv tuner and sound card, and...
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    how to recover files deleted by virus

    hello,( when i put mymemory card in laptop through card reader to send photos...........due to virus in my lapi maybe, it attacks to memory card.....and then it9memory card) shows used space 0 bytes ad free space also 0 bytes...and simply it shows removable...