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  1. pontusas

    [SOLVED] How can I do a backup and try to restore data from an external hard drive that has been used on a smart TV?

    I connected a hard drive to a smart TV some years ago. The TV broke and is now gone. I really want to access the files on the disk, but the TV formatted the content so that as soon as I plug it in my computer, I am asked to format it. Is there any way to do a backup of the content as it is, and...
  2. I

    Question Clone disk/partiton from HDD to SSD

    I bought a SSD (1TB) and want to get my OS to my SSD and some other stuff too example games to get a faster loading speed. I found out how i can only clone the Windows to the SSD by AOMEI Backupper Standard. But how do I choice what i want to get cloned to the SSD. My HDD is 1TB and around 30GB...
  3. W

    Question What is the best hard drive cloning software (April 2019)?

    I want to clone the contents of my Western Digital 3D NAND 250GB ssd to a Sandisk Extreme PRO 480GB ssd. What is the best cloning software to use in April 2019?
  4. N

    Battery life question

    Hey, I've got a question on the 2016 Alienware 15. I want the 1060 version with the 300nits (not the UHD) screen and the 99wh battery. I had heard that this version gets worse battery life, but I really need that 6hour ish battery life. Dells website doesn't specify which is which. Does this...