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  1. [SOLVED] [PARTIALLY SOLVED] Cannot boot on cloned Windows partition (2 SSDs)

    [CLICK HERE TO SEE SOLUTION] I recently purchased a new SSD (Disk 1). Previously, I had a single SSD (Disk 0) with 2 partitions: Windows 10 and STORAGE (and the two system partitions). My goal was to clone Windows 10 and its system partitions from my old SSD (Disk 0) onto the new SSD (Disk 1)...
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    Question Fix boot linux partition dual boot win XP with PLOP

    Hello, this is the situation: I have an hd with win XP (native/preinstalled) and Antix linux (cloned partition) installed. The boot manager is PLOP because the Nettop has no CD, no drives and the bios doesn't support boot from USB (that's why I need PLOP). I cloned the linux partition from a...