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cloned ssd

Forum discussion tagged with cloned ssd.
  1. C

    Question Laptop won’t boot up with cloned SSD

    I need some help myself. I’ve tried everything. I have a dell inspiron 15 5570 laptop. I decided to replace the RAM and the HDD. I bought a crucial 1TB SSD to use. I cloned over everything fine and that’s all good. My laptop is recognising the drive when it is plugged in through a USB. However...
  2. Question [PARTIALLY SOLVED] Cannot boot on cloned Windows partition (2 SSDs)

    [CLICK HERE TO SEE SOLUTION] I recently purchased a new SSD (Disk 1). Previously, I had a single SSD (Disk 0) with 2 partitions: Windows 10 and STORAGE (and the two system partitions). My goal was to clone Windows 10 and its system partitions from my old SSD (Disk 0) onto the new SSD (Disk 1)...
  3. L

    Question Samsung Evo 970 Plus SSD won't launch programs???

    I am not a computer guy but I managed to get this installed on my Aurora R7. I also managed to make it the Bootable drive. So, my HDD is now just storage (currently empty) and everything is cloned on my SSD. All seemed good except that half of my programs won't launch. They don't even act...
  4. Z

    Question Cloned ssd offline due to signature collision

    I recently installed a ssd (gave it letter D) and cloned my old hdd to it with Samsung data migration software Both are inside my PC as l want to keep hdd as storage/archive I changed boot priority to wbm <ssd name> But PC still boots from hdd ( task manager shows hdd under performance tab...