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    Question How to clone certain applications AND windows from HDD to SSD

    I have a 1TB HDD with EVERYTHING on it, games, images, apps, ect. I want to move Windows 10 and only certain games on to my new 240gb ssd. I want to keep everything else on the HDD but only those certain games and windows onto the new SSD without losing anything. How would i do this.
  2. A

    Question Issue with HDD to NVMe cloning

    Hi, I recently buy a 1Tb M.2 from XPG : So I downloaded Macrium Reflect to clone my current RAID 0 HDDs to my freshly mount SSD, but got a issue telling me that : The target disk has a incompatible...
  3. Z

    Question Safe to keep original hdd inside after cloning it to ssd ?

    Just finished installing a new ssd inside my pc and cloning my old hdd with OS and all my files to the ssd ( currently getting prompt to shutdown PC from samsung data migration software) I'd like to know if it's safe to keep both my hdd and ssd inside my PC since they're clones and both...
  4. TMDrop

    Question Boot times still slow with newly installed SSD

    Hello everyone, I have a laptop (Acer Aspire F5-573T running Windows 10) and I elected to swap out the hdd with an ssd to speed things up a bit. I followed some videos and ended up cloning the drive to the ssd using a Sata to usb 3.0 cable and Mini Partition tool software. However, after...
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    Question Can I clone my laptops SSD's OS to my Desktops hard drive, then install a new SSD to my desktop and clone the laptops os to the new SSD

    I'm planning on buying a new SSD for my Razer laptop since 256 GB turns out to be too little and I want to get a 1 tb SSD. Only problem with that is A) I don't want to buy a new windows product key and B) Reinstall all the drivers and Razer applications So I'm wondering if it is possible to...
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    Question New SSD - How do I migrate data?

    Hello, I recently bought a Samsung 860 evo 1 tb ssd. Would I be able to transfer specific files on my hard drive to my SSD? (including windows, a few games, steam). Is there a software to help me with this, or will I have to do it manually? I currently have a 1tb HDD with 200 gigs left, and I...
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    Question cloned my hard drive to m.2 SSD. BIOS not showing the SSD as boot option. Help?

    I need some help with this please. Some info about the PC, will add if need more: MB - Asrock b450m hdv SSD - Sabrent 256gb m.2 SSD Hard Drive - 500gb seagate HDD Thanks in advance for any replies! ~ ThatCoolAsian
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    Question M.2 Samsung Question

    Hi! I need clarification. Here is my current storage setup. One 2.5" SSD with the OS installed on it and Two HDD's for games and other media. I am planning to buy a Samsung M.2 SSD in a couple of weeks and will plan to use the Data Migration Software. Let's assume that I've already installed the...
  9. B

    Question Problem with booting from SSD

    I bought an SSD, I cloned my windows drive to it and then went into my BIOS boot settings to give the SSD priority. When I tried formatting my old boot drive it told me it was still what my PC was using to boot. I rechecked my BIOS and it said the SSD still had priority. Any ideas? I don't like...
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    Question Unable to clone HDD to SSD. Please Help

    I bought a Samsung 860 Evo SSD yesterday. Ever since I plugged it in, I've been struggling to migrate my data from my HDD. So after watching a few tutorials, I downloaded EaseUS todo and started cloning my C: drive. At first, I was returned with an error that said : Failed to read sector...
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    Question Re formatting old drive after cloning

    Hi all, I just finished cloning an old failing Hard drive and its all gone fine. I would like to keep the old drive in if possible but im not sure what will happen if i delete everything off it right now as i think all my programmes are still loading off that and not the new drive, even after...
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    Question Problem with Cloning SSD to HDD

    I ordered the Samsung 970 EVO PLUS SSD to put in my PC. I put it in my PC and it booted fine and i installed samsung magician. I have a load of info my current HDD that i wanted to clone to the SSD and the space wasnt a problem. So i used Samsungs Data Migration software and no problems appeared...