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  1. G

    [SOLVED] HyperX Cloud II really high volume

    Hi, a few days ago I bought a pair of HyperX Cloud IIs after my old headset broke. As the title says, the volume on them is really high. Im using windows 10 and I have their volume set to 60. In the volume mixer I set chrome to something around 10 and while I watch youtube I have to lower the...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Logitech g933 or Hyperx cloud II?

    As the title says: "Logitech g933 or Hyperx cloud II?" Which one do you guys recommend? and Why?
  3. KaiiEatsCake

    [SOLVED] Gaming Headset or Studio Headphones for gaming?

    Hi! I'll make this quick: I have a good microphone And a bad headset (it was 15 bux on amazon) I'm getting the Rift S I edit videos I play competitive games (R6, CSGO etc...) My budget: 70 dollars (would prefer 60 tho) Pls help I've been searching for days and can't decide. I have my eyes on...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Cloud 2's for around 23 bucks?

    So, I have a pair of Sennheiser Hd598's. (I got them for free) They're good, they are working. But I'm kind of bored of them (yeah really stupid reason) and they look old, so I found this pair of used HyperX Cloud 2's for around 23$. I have tried them on before and I quite like them. I know...
  5. P

    ASRock B250M PRO4 issue

    I just put together a budget built for my girlfriend using old and new parts. Parts were picked from PC Parts Picker and showed no conflicts. Specs: New ASRock B250M pro4 micro ATX Intel Pentium G4600 LGA 1151 3.6GHZ 2 sticks of EVO Potenza 4GB 2133 DDR4 Ram EVGA 430W power supply Old: (3 week...
  6. A

    Is this normal? Gigabyte Motherboard

    After a few minutes of turning my PC on, there's a part of my motherboard which is getting really really hot, I have no idea why this is happening and also if it's normal or it's an issue with my motherboard. The part of my motherboard which is getting really hot is this...
  7. T

    Display driver amdkmdap stopped and has successfully restored

    Ok my specs first,,Its a Laptop i7 5500U 2.4 ghz 8 gig ram a intel graphic card built in and AMD R9 M375 4 gig ok,,i have read alot of threads here on the website,, Cant relate any to me because i have a laptop I used to play Rainbow six seige(Medium to high),bf4(low),gta 5(low),rocket league...