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  1. S

    Question Recommended graphics card replacement (see post for specs)?

    My graphics card busted a while ago... and I never really got around to finding a suitable replacement, but having trouble deciding. I'm not looking for anything high-end, I just want something that'll allow me to play the majority of games (not so much bothered with newer games). Preferably...
  2. F

    Question I cant find conexant audio driver for win xp 64 Toshiba Satelite p300

    I tried so many drivers and no one working.i open driver and he just close.Please give me driver conexant for Toshiba satelite p300-16e windows xp 64bit.Thanks in advice and sry for my english!
  3. O

    Newegg return policy

    Ok I not 100% sure that my mobo is dead I want to order a new mobo from newegg and try it to see if it's not dead can I send it back to get my money back?
  4. G

    Will my gtx 970 bottleneck my i7-5820k

    I bought a gtx 970 a like 3 weeks ago then I bought a i7-5820k and I wanted to know if my gtx 970 would bottleneck my i7-5820k
  5. F

    GPU crash pls help

    Hello everyone, my gpu is going crazy... my screen flashes, and then my pc goes blue screen. After a restart, it says that it was a system failure, maybe driver problems, idk. Thank you all "print" : PC specs: CPU: Intel i5 4690 (3.5 Ghz) MB: MSi H97 Gaming 3...
  6. S

    Current dram frequency lower than advertised

    I bought corsair vengeance lpx 2x8gb 2666mhz. For some reason, in the bios, the current dram frequency reads 2133mhz. Theres an xmp profile on the side that says ddr4 2666mhz. Can anyone explain this? Also i dont quite understand what xmp is. Possibly related: i have an i5 6600k, but havent...
  7. S

    Help with wifi please

    I currently lease my modem through my ISP-Cable One (2.5ghz). They only support Arris/Netgear modem/router combos. I live in a two-story home that is only 10 years old. The wifi does not work well on the second floor, even in the room directly above the modem/router. Would upgrading to a dual...
  8. gianniscfa

    My Cpu Has Destroyed. .

    Hey guys.. sorry if this gonna be funny but for me it is very serious. . I was trying to install a custom cpu fan on my motherboard. It is compatible it search it. But the problem came with the thermal paste. When I was trying to put sone paste after I trying to pull the fan( because tried some...
  9. E

    Diagnosis policy error need help

    Hello. I'm having an issue with my diagnosis policy service. Error 5 Of course that means I can't connect to the Internet, so I had to use another device to ask. Here are the things I tried already: Antivirus Adware cleaner Changing permissions for DSP Administrator Command prompt Fixit...
  10. A

    Video Card Upgrade

    Hey guys, would a GTX 1050 Ti be the cheapest upgrade for my GTX 950 for running 1080p given my current rig?
  11. W

    Peripheral Networking's Bottleneck

    I'm going to build a network consist of LAN Card TP Link TG-3468 Gigabit PCI Express Some Switch/Hub DGS 1024D and DGS 1016D and connect them with Lan cable Belden Cat5 or Cat6(Dunno which) Will those peripheral works well with each other?Will there be any bottle neck to local networking(share...
  12. Jobble_Gobble

    FSP Hexa+ 500W ATX any good?

    I recently found a FSP Hexa+ 500w but I am not sure whether I should get it as their are minimal reviews online. I am running ASUS GTX 1060 STRIX, i5 6600k, Gigabyte H110M-S2H, Kingston HyperX DDR4 16GB. Should I buy it or go for something more trusted like EVGA? Thanks
  13. R

    PC Restarting while gaming.

    So I just bought the Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 8gb, having switched from a GTX 780. All of a sudden, my PC is running into the issue of restarting while gaming. It's completely indiscriminate as well, occuring in higher intensity games such as Arma 3, all the way down to an older less demanding game...
  14. C

    Motherboard for Intel i5 6500

    Hi, i am looking for a motherboard for the intel i5 6500.I am not going to overclock.I cannot find one anywhere that suits me.Can you guys help me find a motherboard that is less than £60 or $80 and one that is not atx and enough slots for my gtx 960 and 3 ram sticks. Thank you guys :)
  15. J

    Is there a way to control fans that are hooked up to the motherboard?

    I just got 2 fans and they are both hooked up to the motherboard, I really wish someone could help me with a program or option I can control they're speeds at. If you guys recommend me speed fan I would like to know how to control the speeds and how to know which fan is which.
  16. J

    Cpu usage and bottlenecking

    Recently upgraded my gtx 750 ti to a gtx 970. My question is with my I7 2600 and my gtx 970 I get an average fps of 200, where as I see other people achieving 250+ all the time. Is my cpu bottlenecking my gpu or vice versa
  17. J

    is 620W enough for this system?

    CPU: i7 6700k (maybe oc in the future) Cooler: Thermalright Macho Rev.B MOBO: Asus Maximus VIII Hero Memory: Gskill Aegis 2800mhz(2x8gb) Gpu: Gigabyte GTX 1070 Xtreme Storage: adata SP900(125gb), WD green(250gb), WD black(1tb) Fans: 3x120mm, 1x90mm this is a build im planning on purchasing in 2...
  18. J

    (Updated) New PC build. I need help to make sure this is right.

    Parts that I have: Parts that I have already from current computer. Intel i7-3770 Amd Radeon R9 290 4g Gddr5 Corsair spec 01 mid tower <-------(Putting everything into) 2 120mm Corsair fans 12g RAM (4 sticks) Parts I think I need: Seagate 2TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch...
  19. P

    Is my GPU Warping? Should I be concerned?

    hey so I just opened my computer up for the for the first time in awhile, and I noticed the GPU was kinda bent. It's a MSI GTX 970. Also, should I be worried about the extreme dust built up in my computer, and if so what is a good way to clean it properly?
  20. X

    NZXT H440 Fan Question

    So, I was just about to order an NZXT H440 but was wondering how the 4 fans which come with it are powered. Apparently there is a hub which allows all the fans to connect to one place behind where the CPU is. But how is the hub powered? Is it straight from the PSU or motherboard? I'm new to...