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  1. M

    Question Display Port No Signal

    Hello. I just assembled a new build pc with my son ( b450 tomahawk max and geforce rtx 2080 super) and am trying to hook it up to the asus vg278 monitor, but cannot make it work. We have tried with both HDMI and display port cables, but each time it comes up "no signal". One time we got a...
  2. Baatop

    Question Getting further with troubleshooting but ran into new problem after BIOS update

    I’ve made other post on here about my build I’m working with and I’ve gotten a lot further since then. specs Mobo-B450-A-PRO Gpu-ROG 1660 super 6gb Ram-trident z 3600hz Cpu-Ryzen 5 3600 PSU-EVGA 750 GOLD Modular I just updated the bios and now the EZ-DEBUG lights go down to the VGA and don’t...
  3. PARADOXsiren

    [SOLVED] Start with the processor...

    So... as far as I have gathered... without being sidetracked with shiny new information to these eyes... if you start a new build, you have to start with a processor. To build around the processor. That's what I keep seeing anyways... I want to know the ins and outs of a computer. What each...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Do old GPU cables bottleneck new GPUs?

    So I've upgraded my entire PC to overpriced gaming products, and I have an ASUS RTX 2070 GPU, and it is extremely loud running games at 1440p 144hz which is concerning bceause I'm told that Asus has nice cold quiet cards, and I realized that I'm actually using this new GPU with the cords that...
  5. V

    GTX 750 TI FTW , Core i5 4460. Motherboard needed for around $60

    Hey guys, I'm a bit tight on the budget, so need a good motherboard for around $60. Plus, please recommend a good 500W power supply as well, Cheers.