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  1. B

    Question Second HDD disappeared after BIOS reset ?

    Hello, My pc was having issues so i decided to try some low cost solutions first just to see. I replaced some thermal paste and put a new CMOS battery in, and in doing so it reset my bios obviously. however i noticed a few days later that my second internal HDD wasn't showing up in file...
  2. thathatedguy

    Question Black screen after CMOS jumper reset ?

    Recently I enabled secure boot in order to play Valorant, but after the restart my computer went dead. Now all it shows is "D-Sub, Power Saving Mode". So it's clear it's not a graphics card problem, right? I tried resetting cmos battery by removing it, waiting for an hour or so and then...
  3. jazuk

    Question No display after BIOS update.

    So I downloaded a BIOS update through the official ASUS website, flashed it, it said the flash is successful and the PC will now reset, and the screen went black and since it hasn't shown any signal on my display. All of the fans are on, all of the lights and peripherals are on too, I tried...
  4. GCris

    [SOLVED] Asus H510M-A cant detect bootable devices

    Hello! Recently i upgraded to a new motherboard + CPU + RAM. It automatically puts me in the BIOS. When i change CSM settings then it restarts, but no output from motherboard comes up to monitor when restarted. I changed the CMOS battery. However for some reason when i press the Boot Menu, it...
  5. AgentLoneStar007

    [SOLVED] Accidentally Broke CMOS Battery

    Hi. So basically here's what happened. A while back my mobo threw the code 00, which indicates a possible short-circuit. So I tried to remove the CMOS battery to let the power drain. When I went to remove it, I accidentally broke the spot it sits in. It's still there; it just hangs by a wire...
  6. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Difference Between Clearing CMOS Through Battery Removal vs. Loading Optimized Defaults within the BIOS?

    Good day, What is the difference between resetting the motherboard's BIOS through physical resetting through the removal of the CMOS battery vs. just loading the optimized defaults through the BIOS itself. Did some research and what most people say is that they're basically the same. But isn't...
  7. benji2400

    [SOLVED] PC won't POST or Even Begin Post Process unless CMOS Reset HELP

    Okay so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right topic/forum (I'm new to this). THIS WILL BE LONG BUT PLEASE READ AND HELP ME. I'M BEGGING!! Specs: Mobo - Asus B550-F Gaming (Non Wifi) CPU - Ryzen 7 3700x GPU - Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3060 RAM - Trident Z Neo 3600mhz cl-18 (2x16gb) SSD- 1 tb...
  8. L

    Question Computer shutdown after a while after CMOS change battery

    I have an old dual core computer showing CMOS battery error on boot, and showing wrong date in Windows, so I take a new battery and change it. After that, PC shuts down after a short while, sometimes it doesn't even reach Windows boot. I tried a couple of different batterys, even the old one...
  9. Majed almalki

    Question Cmos battery dies every time i shutdown my pc

    Ill get satraight the question, a couple of days ago a i bought a new monitor(xg2405) before i bought the monitor my pc was working perfectly, after i used the screen i noticed a few things: 1-my pc when i put it to sleep and turn it again my screen does not start or work until i shut the power...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Motherboard doesn't turn on

    I have a MSI PH61-P33 motherboard which stopped working all of a sudden. The last time it worked, i was testing a power supply with it and it was fine until now. It gives absolutely NO signs of life, the fans don't even spin the slightest bit. Here are all the things i've tried so far...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] Should I replace my old Laptop's CMOS battery?

    I'm noticing that the time and date lag behind on my Windows 10 laptop whenever I plug it out of the socket (I don't use the laptop battery) for some time. I know this is a CMOS battery issue, but should I replace it? It's an older Legacy BIOS system and I don't mind the time delay as I can just...
  12. A

    Question New CMOS Battery not working

    Hey, I am using Intel Motherboard with Intel i7 2nd generation processor. My CMOS battery 2032 3V become dead after that I got CMOS battery error when startup. I purchased a new Duracell CMOS 2032 V3 battery and replaced it in mother board. But the computer wont boot or start. Only Once i...
  13. yashreturns

    [SOLVED] Can't find CMOS battery in HP Pavilion 15-CC102TX ?

    I am getting the error CMOS Checksum is invalid. I have attached the error message. Moreover, timings in my laptop are not accurate, my laptop suddenly closes if I remove it from charging after 30 mins exactly. According to me, there is some issue regarding the CMOS only. I have rewritten the...
  14. George667

    [SOLVED] Lenovo - blinking cursor - cant access anything

    hello, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E550 laptop (win10 x64). I have been using it for many years with no issues. But yesterday when I restarted, the laptop did not boot. Whatever I do on this Lenovo splash screen it will always take me to the "0271: check date and time settings. , Press escape to...
  15. Lopsop790

    [SOLVED] Pc no display no usb works, suspected motherboard issue

    Hello everyone, today I upgraded from a ryzen 5 1600 cpu to ryzen 5 3600 on my MSI B350 motherboard and now when I turn on my pc everything lights up all fans spin but I don't get any display and none of my usb connections work. I tried doing a CMOS reset by taking the battery out of my...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] I can't open bios after reset CMOS battery

    Hello, I have a desktop computerc with windows 10 OS. Here is configuration mobo: Foxconn h81 Prossessor: Intel core i5 4460 and 4 GB ram. Two days ago when I power on the pc it didn't run windows. Just open a black window there was "reboot and select proper boot...
  17. Aderito Abreu

    Question Old laptop won't always turn on after SSD, Window's 10 and CMOS battery upgrade

    Hello, So recently, I upgrade an older insys w76tun with a 500gb Kingston SSD and also a Windows 10 Operation system. All good after the installation, windows 10 running perfect more faster as expected. After I opened the laptop and replaced the CMOS battery with a new 3V unit because I was...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] When I overclock nothing happens, Specially when I turn off EIST

    Hello, So here are my specs i9-10900kf rtx 3080 colorful z490 vulcan x 20 colorful 32gb ram gamemax 1050w psu When I go to bios and change EIST ( Intel SpeedStep ) to off, Overclocking doesn't work anymore for some reason, I'm able to change the core clock in bios but when I do nothing happens...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] GA35DX attempting to reset bios to factory *SOLVED*

    I have: ROG Strix GA35 I changed something in bios and now there is no display. Lights on, fan on, no beeps, solid orange on mother board plus the dancing lights dance. No display from the onboard either. I've tried hitting del etc even though there's no visible prompt to do so. I'd like to...
  20. Anonim_C

    [SOLVED] How much time does it take for BIOS settings to be reseted after I take out the CMOS battery?

    I am a lazy person and I don't want to lose my BIOS settings. I want to learn how much time does the BIOS settings stand without a CMOS battery. Will they be reseted if I change the battery fast enough?
  21. Anonim_C

    [SOLVED] CR2025 in a CR2032 holder for motherboard?

    Can I switch my 3V Lithium CR2032 CMOS Battery with a 3V Lithium C2025 Wrist Watch Battery? I have a wrist watch with a 3V CR2025 Lithium Battery in it. And my (dead) CMOS battery on my motherboard is a 3V Lithium CR2032. Can I replace my CMOS battery with my wrist watch's battery?
  22. K

    [SOLVED] Help! PC Wont post after trying to memtest individual stick of RAM

    Hi All, Due to some instability issues like failure in prime95 tests and random freeze reboots in my pc build which was working fine for the past 1 year, I decided to rule out my RAM by doing a Memtest. I tested them together passed Memtest86 and HCI Memtest with no issues. Then I tested one...
  23. E

    [SOLVED] How to undo BIOS update

    Hi. So I updated my BIOS of my Gigabyte Gaming 3 MOBO. I updated it through the app center (Gigabyte's App). Then when I restarted my PC, the screen just stuck at the booting logo. I can't even enter BIOS. I keep pressing F12 to open the Boot Menu but nothing happens. Other keys are not working...
  24. J

    [SOLVED] Black Screen after Disabling Intel Display Driver

    I have an Alienware Aurora R7 I was trying to fix an issue with my NVIDIA control panel not recognizing my GTX 1080. So while messing around (like an idiot) I disabled the Intel Driver instead of the GTX 1080 driver. Instantly my screen went black, and an orange light is on instead of blue on...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] Replaced my RAM and no display

    Hi all, I have an MSI mag z390 tomahawk motherboard. I swapped out my hyperx fury 2x8GB RAM with some Patriot Viper steel 2x8GB 4400Mhz RAM and my screens are showing that there is no signal, and my keyboard isn’t lighting up. I have tried moving the RAM into different slots, removing the...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] My Motherboard has no CMOS Battery

    B450M-Bazooka So I got this motherboard,, it's new but it was opened before as I had the shop update my BIOS for me. It came without a CMOS Battery, I'm building a new PC and My GPU fans are not working and I get no display. could this be because of the CMOS battery missing? My GPU has a light...

    Question MOBO status leds keep switching between CPU and DRAM

    I got a aorus b450 pro with a ryzen 7 3700X and 16gb of corsair vengeance ram. Its been a week that my pc keeps posting super slow and the status leds on the mobo are switching back and forth between cpu and dram before going to the gpu led and then booting the system. This process is kinda...
  28. Ultiprice

    Question Reset CMOS now computer won’t boot

    Hi all, I performed a CMOS reset by unplugging the PS, removing the cmos battery, shorting the cmos pins, replacing the battery after five minutes, and powered on. The computer then starts and reboots 3 times with blank screen. Finally on the third reboot the computer stays on but still blank...
  29. v5tge

    Question cmos battery replacement and displayport stop working

    Hi, I changed the cmos battery on my hp desktop, and now it only uses vga. I didn't find a way to change it in the hp bios menu. This pc uses intel graphics (both ports are on the motherboard) and are up to date (updated using intel website). Any suggestions? Thanks
  30. E

    Question can u please tell me if this original Energizer 2032 ?

    hi can u please tell me if this original Energizer 2032 ?
  31. F

    Question Computer keeps restarting with black screen?

    So two days ago it was lightning and suddenly the electricity went out and when it came back my Pc just won't start after hitting the power button. Then i unplugged everything in my pc, reset the Ram and Cmos battery and it started working again. Then whenever i shutdown my Pc I noticed it...
  32. Zerafiall

    [SOLVED] Help. System wont POST after battery CMOS reset

    HI, I'm having a problem booting my computer now. I was setting up my second/old gaming PC to use as a small home server. I was trying to install Ubuntu on it. During the entire installation process the computer was INCREDIBLY laggy. Most menus would take 3 seconds to load. So I figure step 1...
  33. E

    Question PC won't start after trying to reset CMOS by pulling out the battery

    Hello. My pc is like 2 years old now. I bought 3200mhz ram and tried enabling the xmp profile #2 which makes it run at it's advertised speed. I've had it running stable for several days with gaming on profile #1 which sets it to 3000mhz. After enabling profile #2 pc didn't even boot into...
  34. Likhit04

    Question Any idea on Fan error/ Boots without the fan rotating causing overheat?

    I use a Lenovo Thinkpad T410. Recently I noticed my laptop was hot way more than usual so I decided to restart it. From then it started giving me a Fan error and this wasn't the first time someone faced this problem so I found solutions that I could blow air into the air vents. That didn't help...
  35. Sirazulmonir

    [SOLVED] USB port not working, pc not shutting off properly

    Hello there! I'm new here and pardon my mistakes. Recently I'm having some strange problems. There were some power outages and for some reason, I didn't have mu UPS connected. Now I'm having a weird problem. My USB wifi adapter isn't working with any usb port. The ports themselves are...
  36. J

    Question Bios reset after cold boot

    Hi everyone, My PC has been working fine for months since i got it, but when i restarted it yesterday the bios was suddenly (partially) reset. Time and date was OK but custom RAM settings where changed. I set the bios to my preferences again and tried to replicate the problem -> first reboot...
  37. U

    [SOLVED] CMOS battery?

    I was wondering if it is normal for a dying/ dead CMOS battery to forget the boot device upon boot up, but not the time or date. I have had several times where I'll get an error "Please reboot and select the proper boot device..." but the time and date has always been correct. When this...
  38. O

    Question PC doesn't post after CMOS reset

    After using my pc for almost 2 years now I had no problems until now. I had a problem where out of nowhere pc started turning on and off repeatedly when booting up. Nothing showed on the screen. One of the things I tried doing fix the issue was resetting the CMOS battery. I turned off the pc...
  39. B

    [SOLVED] Desktop PC only works when cell is taken off and on

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my desktop computer. Motherboard Intel DX58S0, CPU Intel i7 930, 4 x 2 GB DDR3 (1333 MHz) I turn it on but whenever I turn it off, I discovered that I had to take off the cell or battery (the silver circle one) and put it on again for the computer to turn on. I...
  40. Z.D.E

    [SOLVED] PC wont boot (No beep-No bios image) fans are spinning and lights are on

    This problem doesn't happen all the time, but it happens usually when i switch some cables, if i plug for an example the speakers in a different USB port or when i remove all the cables and plug them back again.. it used to happen often when i plug an old headphone but i got my self a new one...