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  1. D

    Question Disabled graphics card, now just black screen after resettimg cmos

    Okay so i stupidly disabled my intel graphics card trying to get games to use my gtx1060 instead, now its on a black screen no signal on the moniter, Ive already tried taking out the cmos battery for 2 mins,(switched power off and everything) amd yet when i switch it back on theres still no...
  2. C

    Question PC shuts off, display disconnects, GPU turns off, fans not on

    Whenever I try to turn on my pc, the LED strip inside turns on and the LEDs on the motherboard turns on but not the fans, GPU, or the display. Recently, my pc has been crashing and I would have to force it to shut off and turn it on again. My GPU temps never go above the low 70s. My CPU base MHz...
  3. nickgnick

    Question Help! Cant reset bios tried Clr_cmos and Removing cmos battery.

    I have literally tried everything I have found online I have even taken everything apart and taken out battery and used paperclip to jump clr cmos. When I plug on computer the ram lights up automatically I dont even hit the power button. This occurred after overclocking and I dont know how to...
  4. R

    Question PC keeps cycling on and off. I've run out of ideas. Do you have any?

    Hi fellas. So I've got this PC that keeps cycling on and off, every time I turn it on. I've tried reseating the RAM in all possible combinations (and tried just one at a time), cleared CMOS and now after buying a new PSU, tried that one on for size. It's still cycling. Do you have any ideas...
  5. L

    Question black screen, no POST, becoming suspending... CMOS battery?

    weeks ago I was using my laptop normally when it decided to suspend. I turned on again with keyboard and as soon as I typed the PIN code, it decided to suspend again. a more couple of times of this and my laptop started to don't turn on. in the next day, at morning, I was able to turn on my...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] How to reset my GA-H110N Motherboard

    Hey all, I messed something in the bios and my pc is not turning on. None of the fans or the GPU works only the front panel LED light comes up. I can't seem to find the CMOS battery in this motherboard and don't know to reset it with a jumper. This is exactly how my motherboard looks like...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] CMOS Battery Overuse, Is It Possible?

    Hello, and let me get into the problem, or the question I might say. All my components work pretty well, except MoBo I guess. Problem is that whenever the PC turns on, there is not a problem about keeping it up, no puns intended, but when I turn it off and try to power it on once again after...
  8. A

    Vengeance RGB PRO Black DDR4-RAM with X370 gaming pro motherboard

    is the Vengeance RGB PRO Black DDR4-RAM compatible with X370 gaming pro motherboard?
  9. glytch5

    Stupid RGB strip question.

    So I have been through my RGB experience with both Bitfenix strips, and now Phanteks strips. The phanteks strips are heck of a lot brighter than bitfenix, so I have been enjoying those. Both work my Mysitc light for my MSI board. What I am wondering from you, the community is, have any of...
  10. C

    Corsair H80i GT Hoses up or down?

    Should i put the hoses up or down? I know corsair recommends down but if you see the H80i GT video from corsair, they are putting hoses up. Still better down?