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    Question Pc only starts after CMOS clearing!!!

    Hi everyone, The thing is my PC was running normally at night, but the next morning when I turned it on, it began with a boot loop. The CPU cooler fan and the GPU fans started to spin for just 2 seconds, then the PC turned off and tried to start again, doing the same, getting in a boot loop...
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    Question Pc won't boot after BIOS reset

    I've got a pre-built Acer Aspire TC-603 (i5-4440, 8GB ram, 1TB hard disk) to which i've added an GTX-1050ti. I've been planning to add an SSD to my PC. Only problem was, there was a password to get to the bios. In order to remove te password I used the CLR_CMOS jumper on the motherboard. The...