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  1. F

    Question Did a CMOS reset to avoid BIOS password, didn't work and Windows won't start

    I have an HP Probook 640 laptop which I got from my school (the computer belongs to the school while you go there, but you pay a fee each year and when you're finished it's yours). The computer gets wiped as they give you administrator rights. I've used it for studying ever since, and today I...
  2. GPUEnthusiast

    Very strange OS and BIOS behavior

    I reinstalled Windows from scratch after my graphics card died, just because I might as well start clean again. Everything was running fine and my motherboard showed all good for the voltage coming from each PSU rail. Specs: Asus Maximus VII Formula, OS drive: Samsung 850 Evo 120GB. Storage...
  3. V

    WD hard disk not detected in windows

    I have connected to Set top box and then I format it But after that it is not been detected in any laptop or PC . plzz help me wat to do
  4. S

    Is my Monitor dead?

    Hi guys Yesterday night I tried turning my Monitor to another position and suddenly my system turned off. I figured that the monitor's cable somehow tugged at the PSU wire and caused the shutdown. But after that, when I tried to turn the pc on, the monitor showed "no signal" and then nothing...
  5. R

    what is sli

    i plan on running 2 way sli and i have no idea what it does
  6. SoumyaHD

    Hacker successfully uses Heartbleed to retrieve private security keys

    Hackers VS Software engineers ??