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  1. M

    Question Intel Atom Processor C3758 for NVR with a mix of 12 COAX & IP Cameras?

    Hi, I am looking to build a hybrid COAX and IP Camera NVR (12 cameras total) using a "system on chip" mobo if possible (perhaps this Supermicro board The COAX cameras will be connect to a Geovision GV-800 PCI-E card, which I...
  2. J

    Question Coax splitter for internet and tv

    Not sure if this is the right thread for this but I have a issue. I have a moca because we don't have Ethernet wired in our house just coax and it was stupidly difficult to get it to work and now the internet goes out and it does not work anymore. I moved it down saris where the modem and...
  3. omninano

    [SOLVED] Will this product allow me to convert coax data to an ethernet signal?

    Hey everyone! I'm a networking noob, so I'm just running this by some people who have more experience before I take the dive and spend some money. The scenario In my room, I have some coax outlets in the wall, but no ethernet outlets. Currently I'm running a huge ethernet cord through multiple...
  4. SimonD1106

    Question Question about coax jacks!!!

    I've moved to a 3-story house recently. I put my computer on the 3rd floor, the modem is on the 1st floor. I found one coax jack on a wall on the 3rd floor, how can I use it to get wired internet for my computer? Is it possible? Thanks for your help!!!
  5. Q

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Help

    The Ethernet cable that runs to my room through the wall does not work, I do not possess the skill set or really have the option to cut holes in the wall to try and fix the cable. The internet plan we have is 200 mbps and over a wireless receiver i average from 60-85 mbps. Are there any...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Setting Up Moca Using DSL but No Cable TV

    Hi Everyone, I currently have DSL for internet in a house that doesn't have ethernet wired. The rooms do have coax outlets though, which are unused because I do not have cable TV. I've been managing so far using wifi, but would like to use wired connections to get better video streaming...
  7. X

    Question Can i get ethernet to pc using this coax modem?

    So i just moved out and i have a wierd looking modem or router. It uses coax (never heard of it) I have a pc but idk how to get it to connrct to the internet with my ethernet cable In the house we have a Televes data over coax gateway And 100/10 wdm media converter I really need ethernet but...
  8. CamdenK7

    [SOLVED] Do I need a new coax cable when I switch ISPs?

    I'm planning on switching my ISP, I currently have a coax cable that comes out of my floor into my gateway. Will I need a new coax cable installed by my new ISP or will they have access to the old one? Also, (if the old coax cable works) is there any benefit to using a newly installed coax cable...
  9. extreme_noob

    Question Ethernet no internet connection

    I have cable internet and an Arris TM3402A modem but whenever I try to use ethernet on it, it calls the network "Unidentified Network" and says "No Internet". What should I do to properly connect?
  10. A

    Question Coax Port Not Working (upstairs)

    So I got my router and wanted to set it up in my room. I connected the router to the coax port and no signal was coming. The lights to signify that the internet is pumping through it wasn't lit. I tried it downstairs and somehow it started working there. I don't know why this is happening but...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Extending a home network where there are two coax hookups?

    I have an interesting network setup in my new place and was wondering if anyone has experience on how to do this. I feel like most problems are about the opposite - one coax hookup and trying to extend coverage across the house. Old place had one floor, so: coax -> modem -> router, done...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Upgrading PC

    Hello guys. I'm on the lookout for some new hardware components. Currently I have: Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3.40GHz 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 2048MB ATI Radeon RX 560 Series At the moment, I'm looking at some components that I feel like will "boost" my gaming-performance. AMD CPU Ryzen 3 2200G...
  13. A

    Graphics card undetected by computer

    My PC specs: Pentium G4560 cpu Asrock H110M-HDS motherboard Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card EVGA 430W power supply Seagate 1TB BarraCuda hdd I've been having problems getting my PC to detect my GTX 1050. Nvidia won't let me install the drivers for it, my device manager doesn't show it and I...
  14. K

    Looking to upgrade my system to 1440p and need help.

    Hello, I am currently preparing for the new Mass Effect Andromeda game and would like to be able to play it in at least 1440p instead of my current 1080p. I guess my question is what all I need to upgrade in addition to my monitor obviously in order to comfortably play a game such as Andromeda...
  15. B

    Microphone set-up for YouTube and Livestreaming

    Hi guys I have been wanting to buy a dedicated microphone for livestreaming and YouTube for a while now but I cannot decide which one.. I have been using a headset microphone and it is far from good honestly. Do you guys have any suggestions regarding this? I am looking for a mic set-up with a...
  16. X

    I cant remove my PSU

    Anyone know how to remove my PSU please refer to the image Thanks.
  17. D

    Is it okay to pair an i5-4690k with a cheap motherboard?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-H81M-H motherboard I'm using now, but if I want to buy an i5-4690k in the future, is it okay to use this board until I get a much better one? Will I see any performance issues with an R9 290?
  18. N

    i5-4440 + gtx 970 vs. i5-4690k + gtx 760

    i5-4440 + gtx 970 vs. i5-4690k + gtx 760 I don't have money for i5-4690k with gtx 970. So, which combo is better for gaming? I will play only in 1080p. Mobo: MSI z97-g43 ("Z" for future). PSU: Chieftec B-550BC Case: Zalman z9 u3 or Zalman z11 plus (Didn't decide yet.) Sorry for bad english.
  19. D

    Preparing a new custom PC

    Hi guys, I am about to build my first custom gaming PC having bought all the part and I am looking for a guide to stress testing and setting it up (basically everything between turning it on and using it normally). Thanks