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  1. K

    Question Warzone 2 High FPS but noticing slight stutters when fps drops could also be server lag idk

    Every game I get into basically im noticing small stutters or framerate hitches which I can't understand why as I recently just bought a new PC i9 13900k and a 4090 with 6000mhz ddr5 corsair ram MB is z970-f asus strix. I downloaded CapFrameX to check to see if the stuttering was on my end or...
  2. R

    Question Modern Warefare 2 GPU fluctuates

    Anyone have a problem with low usage on mw2? Every game my usage is awful at the start of the game, it goes down to 40% and literally unplayable for about 2min then my usage goes back to 80/85% back to smoothness, the same happened to me in the beta This is the only game i have problems with so...
  3. ethanhannay

    Question How can I fix moderate NAT type after installing new NIC?

    Hey all! I recently installed a 2.5 gig NIC, which is running the RTL8125B chipset. I updated the lan drivers to the latest from Realtek's website, and configured the network adapter settings for best speeds. However, when I launched COD, both Vanguard and Warzone have moderate NAT type. I port...
  4. itachiblh_

    [SOLVED] FPS Drop on Warzone and Cold War

    Hello everyone, I got a brand new pc from my uncle like 5 months ago but I don't know much about specs. I have an RTX 2070, an Intel i7-10700F and 16 GB RAM but when I play COD WZ or CW my fps go from 150 to 30 every 10 seconds and it's really unplayable if someone helps me that would be great...
  5. Kilo OneSix

    Question playing warzone with 50fps (high,medium,low geaphics setts)

    hello guys after almost 4 months googling on internet for solutions and nothing could solve my problem! i decided to register here and ask you guys! doesnt matter what graphic settings i would choose CoD warzone still plays with 50 fps and i have some times huge fps drops! pc specs: MOB...
  6. B

    Question Low sluggish fps? warzone? streaming -

    Hi guys! I have been streaming for a few months now and really enjoying it but not getting desired fps with constant tinkering.. Warzone i get around 80-110 but it still feels sluggish especially when streaming? If im not streaming it's quite smooth, Rebirth obviously where its a lot smaller and...
  7. J

    Question 3080 B450

    I have recently purchased a 3080 and installed it in my rig. I am very impressed with the performance, however, I am curious to know if it is worth upgrading my MSI b450 gaming plus max to a b550 for performance
  8. J

    Question Need help major drop in fps only on warzone

    Hi all really struggling with this new to PC gaming so i brought a ready made laptop the link below is an advert of the laptop Acer Predator Helios 17.3 Inch Intel i5 8GB...
  9. Richipete

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU hard bottlenecking me or am I doing something wrong?

    I have a GTX 1080 and an I5 7400 CPU. In games like Rust, The new COD beta and COD MW my fps is terrible and I have to play at the lowest settings. CPU utilization jumps to 100% and my gpu has perfectly fine temps and low usage because Im using lowest settings. If I set it any higher it's...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] CPU Driver error?

    I have been having stuttering issues on Call Of Duty for quite some time and I've been doing some digging, and I just came across something odd. I was browsing device manager and I see that my CPU Cores/Threads have a yellow caution symbol on it, and It is this error A driver (service) for this...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] BSOD Win 10 while playing COD Modern Warfare

    Everytime I play this game, I get blue screen with the error MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and sometimes IQRL_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I have tried all the troubleshooting that can be seen on the web and nothing works. This is a newly built PC. My drivers and OS are all updated. I already did a Memory Diagnostic...
  12. Matt15872

    [SOLVED] Low FPS in Modern Warfare Warzone with good PC

    Modern Warfare Warzone (The only game mode I play) gives my PC lots of performance issues, I've tried most suggestions out there and cant find anything to work. I am running a maximum of 60 FPS in game with: RTX 2070, i5 7600k, 16gb Corsair vengeance, 144 HZ monitor, Asus tuf z270 mark 2, and...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Computer running at under 25% load while gaming but can't hit 60fps

    I am trying to play COD:MW (2019) at 4k 60fps with the settings maxed out however I seem to be getting 40-50fps on average. I don't mind lowering the settings but when I checked my computer resources (using task manager) my cpu and gpu were running below 25%. I was just curious as to why my...
  14. T

    Question Low FPS with new build.

    SO I recently built a new PC with gaming being a strong part of the reason. I did some research to figure out CPU/GPU compatibility and bottlenecking. My "budget" PC consists of: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX AM4 AMD B450 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard AMD RYZEN 7 3700X 8-Core 3.6 GHz (4.4 GHz Max...
  15. SSJBGhost

    Question FPS drops in COD Warzone

    Why do i get 120 fps in COD warzone and then midgame it randomly goes down to 20 and is stuck on 20 for the rest of the game? I got a 1060 3gb ryzen 5 2600 and 32gb ram everytime i play the game my fps is fine but then midgame it randomly drops to 20 fps for the rest of the game i tried alot...
  16. Y

    [SOLVED] Made some tweaks from guides on YouTube, things look better but performance took a huge dive

    I followed Panjno's guide on YouTube to getting the most out of your PC for the best performance possible when playing CoD Modern Warfare, mostly for Warzone. I'm not exactly sure how but for some reason my CPU hits 100% all the time now. When it does, everything begins to stutter really bad...
  17. zgdandy

    [SOLVED] Severe Lag in Warzone and Fortnite, is it my CPU?

    In the past month or two my PC started having severe lag on Fortnite and COD WZ that has made them both unplayable. Ive checked for malware and cleaned my PC. In COD my player will jump around and move in completely random direction, while in fortnite it takes ridiculously long to render...
  18. Nevo

    [SOLVED] Terrible FPS with 2070 super. Do you think I have bottleneck ?

    I really need some help with my new setup! Intel core i5 9600K - with OC to 4.9 Ghz 2070 Super ASUS - with OC enabled 16GB 2400 MHz memory 1TB HHD + 250GB SSD 2K 144hz ASUS display I jot a custom build computer and Have been getting really bad FPS, FPS drops, Stuttering and high CPU usage. I...
  19. LeighG

    Question Low Fps on Gaming rig

    Hi, I've recently started playing a recently new game called Call Of Duty Warzone. In this game, I have turned every setting to the lowest possible level and I'm still getting only around 60 fps with my i7 6700 + GTX 1080 TI? I'm not sure if the fact that I'm managing two 144 monitors on my...
  20. AleksiDj52

    Question Should i set a PageFile for 12GB of RAM?

    Hello everyone, first of all English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. (At first you may see what i write may not make sense with my title but read it, it will make sense later on) So what happened is, the last 3 days i've been playing COD Warzone and everytime i...
  21. rosenvinge

    [SOLVED] Shadowplay turns sound off ingame everytime it saves a video

    Hey! I'm having a wierd problem: everytime time a wanna save a video from 'replay', it turns off my sound ingame, which i can turn on again without restarting the game .. Only happens in COD Warzone! Anyone got a solution / work-around ? Thanks!
  22. Lotgcs

    Question GPU Unutilized in Games / 0% in Task Manager

    Intel i5-7600K @ 4GHz 8 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB My drivers are up to date and I have no GPU usage in game. Temperatures are fine and it is being used elsewhere on my PC, so I know it is connected and functioning.
  23. hvjornjet

    Question HDD loaded 100% while gaming on an SSD

    Good day. While gaming on my SSD the other separate HDD I have installed in my system is somehow loaded to 100% and it causes the overall stutter and slowdown of both game and my system. How can it even be active while I game on a DIFFERENT drive. Windows 10 is crazy. I game on a C or E drive...
  24. N


    Hello so about a month ago i replaced my HDD with a new one and after that in every game i would get massive lag spikes that i never got before so again i replaced that HDD but the same issue presits i never got these lag spikes before so i need help is it my HDD causing this? Or did i damage...
  25. M


    Hello guys, I'm wondering what kinda Game modes Are kinda classical in Cod MW?! You know? Every mode when I'm playing gives me the deathmatch mode! Only different modes are seemed to deathmatch modes with different options! Like "kill confirmed" or "free for all" or "team deathmatch" i mean...
  26. J

    [SOLVED] IPS or TN Panel?

    hello, i am building my first pc. i will mainly use it for gaming but also to study. the games that i will mainly play are: League of Legends, PUBG, World of Warcraft, some Call Of Duty, etc. which monitor would be best for me? i am willing to pay up to around ~150eur on the monitor. so should...
  27. israel diaz

    Question Can i run it?

    Can i run any Call of Duty game on my low end pc? Specs: AMD Quad-Core A10-9620P 8GB DDR4 RAM 2.50 Ghz RADEON R5
  28. Random Guy 70hz

    [SOLVED] Sufficient enough for current titles like the new Modern warfare?

    Hi, I was wondering if my current setup was good enough to run current games on high graphics like the new modern warfare. My spec are as follows: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Core speed: 1327mhz Nividia GeoForce GTX 1080 Gigabyte tech (8gb) Motherboard : Gigabyte AMD (version f25) Model: AB350M-Gaming...