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    Question Z690 solid yellow light and showing code 55 after case swap ?

    I recently swapped my case to the asus hyperion after getting a 4080. I was trying to use a riser cable with the build, but was getting a would white light, so took out the cable and mounted the GPU onto the motherboard, and then got a yellow light with code 55. Tried to switch around the RAM...
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    Question Massive windows corruption - Ram issue?

    Heyo, since yesterday I've been dealing with an unholy amount of issues with my computer. But long story short, I started having blue screens with various codes that I managed to catch: Kernel Security check failure / System Service Exception With the help of Event Viewer and observation, I was...
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    Question HELP! having blue screens when installing new working ram

    i have had loads of problems recently concerning ram. i had a ram stick where i would receive the POST led code 55. so i stopped using that 8gb ram stick i now only use 1x8gb stick and everything runs fine. recently i bought another stick of ram because i thought my old one failed and when i...
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    Question Why does my desktop turn on and off repeatedly? code 55

    Hi, I bought a gaming PC from someone who built it from scratch. He told me that the PC always had this problem. The specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.00GHz unlocked RAM: 2x8 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX Motherboard: Gigabyte LGA1151 intel Z170 gaming 7 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB ACX...