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  1. J

    Question SPD Checksum (Bytes 00h-7Dh): 242Dh (Error)

    I'm using Thaiphoon burner to check my ram. everything seems to check out except SPD Checksum (Bytes 00h-7Dh): 242Dh (Error) SPD Checksum (Bytes 80h-FDh): A01Ch (OK) Like what does this mean, this is new RAM and i didnt save the boxes so i can't send it back. is there anything i can do...
  2. E

    Question No POST without "b2" code ?

    I am having a lot of trouble with this PC I have. I built it a while ago, and ever since a few weeks after I bought it, I have been having a pretty major and annoying problem getting the thing to even POST. The PC will not boot unless I see the "b2" code appear on the Q-Code readout. This means...
  3. Neil Ward

    [SOLVED] How to setup window 7 for my PC ?

    Currently I am using window 10 for my computer. I want my machine reset to windows 7 to make it easier to work with some of my important jobs. I tried to download the version of Windows 7 myself to install but had the problem. People let me ask me what to do now. Thank you everyone for helping...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Annoying beep noise when turning it on

    Hi, everyone. I have a Lenovo G470 with Windows 10. The notebook does this annoying beep noise when turning it on, not always though. However, wheter it does the beeps or doesn't, Windows starts anyway and I can use it normally. I'm aware of the diagnostics beep codes of every brand of notebook...
  5. K

    Question Error 0xc000007b on most games.

    Hey, ive been stuck with this error for like 2 months. Everytime i run games like GTA V, FIFA 19, Halo The Master Chief Collection, RDR2 i get an error 0xc000007b. I even did a clean factory reset for my pc, so it uninstalled everything and installed a fresh windows again, still didnt work. My...
  6. O

    Question Questions about monitor

    Hello, iam looking different type of monitors to buy this week and i have some questions. I'm between some options, and i looked some reviews and forum threads about people who have it. First of all, i want the monitor to play FPS and code. So the miniums i am search it are 144hz 1ms and...
  7. Kyle_James

    Question 3950X Aorus Master codes

    So I was running into a ton of issues on the x299 platform with my 7900 x and I jumped ship originally looking for a 3900 X at micro center on Black Friday one of my friends that works there told me that they had the 3950 X so naturally I went with it due to its rarity at the moment. I picked...
  8. decimecano

    Question can't write \ in command prompt? (alt codes working weird)

    If I type alt+47 (/) and alt+92 (\) this is what at happens (respectively) This is very annoying , I would like to fix that, and if that is not possible, is there any workaround to type \ in the command prompt? my system is Win 10, Dell Laptop
  9. atinesh.s

    Discussion Text editor with code highlighting for iPad

    Hello guys, I am switching from android tablet to Apple iPad. I use tablet mostly for web browsing, pdf reading, Code editing, etc. On Android for code editing I have used QuickEdit by Rhythm Software, it is a simple text editor which also highlight code based on file extension it supports...
  10. Ashckroft

    Question BSOD ntoskrnl.exe+743c0 adress

    Hello, Recently my pc randomly freezes when starting games. Here is the main error code in the dump file. Dump File : 050519-17534-01.dmp Crash Time : 5/5/2019 2:20:15 AM Bug Check String : Bug Check Code : 0x00000101 Parameter 1 : 0000000000000031 Parameter 2 ...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Can you make an FPGA run sequential code and general purpose computing? What would the performance be like?

    Despite FPGAs taking a longer time to code than with a normal CPU, can you still run sequential code/general purpose computes on it (essentially turning it into a normal CPU)? Also, how would the performance be like (Instructions Per Second, Flops of power, etc) and how would it compare to a...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] What reasons are there as to why Multi-GPU setups don't scale well?

    Since many people say that the reason why multi-GPU setups don't scale well in some games is because there is no code for the multi-GPUs. But could another reason be driver support (for SLI and Crossfire). So TL;DR, what are the main reasons why multi-GPUs don't scale well?
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Can an operating system with good multi-GPU code or API allow non-multi-GPU games to scale well?

    If an operating system gets multi-GPU code or APIs (e.g. Vulkan) coded into it, will games that weren't developed with multi-GPU code finally scale well? This was because I learned that not all games scale well with multi-GPU because the devs don't embed code for them. So instead of coding...
  14. Info Meaning of RAM Product Item Numbers/Codes

    If you are looking at differences between RAM modules being sold or if you are just checking some RAM models of your motherboard's Memory QVL that have been tested, you may have come across with these hard-to-figure-out RAM Product Items/Codes such as: "HX430C15SB2/8" or "TED416G2133C1501" or...
  15. O

    Boot logo stuck until restart

    Hello, I have a problem every time I turn on my computer normaly there is an asus tuf logo which loads for a few seconds but now it is stuck for ages. If you click restrart it will boot to windows for just a few seconds, no problem still fast but it is kind of frustrating. Do you have any idea...
  16. toshibitsu

    Gigabyte GA-H97N Wifi stuck in "UEFI DualBios" Loop

    The PC turns on & shows the initial Gigabyte boot screen, then a few seconds later it switches to a blue screen that says "Gigabyte UEFI Dual Bios" at the top... then the PC restarts and continues to do this until I force shut down the PC What I've tried: kill power completely & disconnect CMOS...
  17. B

    Video Editing PC Build

    Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955 RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 1600Mhz Motherboard ASUS M4A77T/USB3 (AM3) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Storage 465GB Western Digital (HDD) Now, I'm needing to do lots of video editing (1080P) and my computer is so...
  18. King Mustard

    Tom's Hardware Intel & AMD Processor Hierarchy out of date,review-33355.html I believe this is the latest version, anyway.
  19. G

    The 10 Best (and Worst) Marvel Shows

    If you want to know what to watch and what to avoid before Jessica Jones Season 2, check out our ranked list of Marvel TV shows. The 10 Best (and Worst) Marvel Shows : Read more
  20. S

    New PSU, Red CPU LED, No POST at startup

    I upgraded my old gaming pc to with a new board, chipset, RAM, and lower/mid range GPU a couple months ago. I used my semi modular 650W Antec PSU from my previous build and it ran flawless two months. I decided to upgrade my GPU to a more power hungry/powerful unit. I decided to upgrade my...
  21. G

    ASUS tablet CPU problems

    i have an asus memo pad 7 and i am having problems with it overheating (to the point i can't touch it) and freezing up. i am using android 5.0 here is a link to my tablet
  22. Crestfallen_12

    Which PSU should I get?

    So I was in doubt about 2 PSUs and now I have no idea which one to buy , My Build will be Ryzen 5 1600, 8GB DDR4 and RX 470 4 GB.
  23. S

    How much could I sell my computer for?

    CPU AMD A10-6790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core CPU Cooler It's a Thermaltake Water 3.0 RGB edition Motherboard Gugabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4 ATX FM2+ Memory Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2x8GB DDR3-1866 Storage WDC WD WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD10EZEX...
  24. R

    Razer BlackWidow X TE Chroma not working

    My month-old Razer BlackWidow X TE Chroma won't work. Its detected by my MacBook Pro and shows in System Information and in Razer Synapse, but it defaults to the Wave color scheme and when I hit any key it goes to the reactive one and doesn't respond to keypresses, help!
  25. R

    Upgrading my systems GPU

    I would like to Upgrade my Graphics card from a Gtx 580 to a Gtx 980. My system components consist of: MOB: Asus 6pt deluxe v2 CPU: i7 960 PSU: 1100w Would I have any issuse (bottleneck) in this upgrade that I need to be concerned with?
  26. A

    freeze during windows restart

    whenever i am restarting my laptop it freezes with 4 diff colour dots ..and this continues for so many hrs till battery discharges ,its taking more than enough time.
  27. M

    Looking for a solution to phone hijacking

    My ex business partner is hijacking my phone calls. I get out of area calls but not locals. What can I do?
  28. J

    Gpu upgrade on temperature

    I currently have a gtx 760 installed on a z97-a mobo. i recently installed a noctua nh-d15 on my intel i5-4690k and i am pretty happy with my cpu temperature so far (no more than 50°c on heavy load). My problem is that while running a gpu stressing game, my gpu temp rises to 80°c and 100%...
  29. G

    Headphones for PC

    So I have Astro a40s they are comfy however they get dirty and horrible really quick. Astro support is useless and they never have the pads in quick not to mention the sound is meh at best ! I don't have a sound card but I have a high-end motherboard (gigabyte gaming g1). My question is this...
  30. K

    Upgrading my PC (GTX 970 & 450w)??

    Hey guys, i'm realy new to building a custom PC myself. I recently got a PC and now I'm planing to upgrade my graphics card to a GTX 970 Phantom. I just got a few simple questions. I've read that you need a strong pcu to not ruin your PC completely, so at the moment i got a 450w one. I've made a...
  31. O

    Computer crashes/freezes frequently in different ways

    I have an old i7 2.2 ghz 4 core (8 logical processors) 8 GB RAM Dell machine with a AMD Radeon graphics card. It's about 4 years old at this point and has been on day and night pretty much the whole time (I use it almost every single day for many hours each day). Recently, it started having...
  32. R

    Please help me with the right graphic card! please!!!!

    Hello experts, My greetings to all the techies:) please suggest me a right graphic card to buy. I am a mid level gamer(goes to work and come back n play some intense gameplays.. My pc specs are : Intelcore i5-3330 CPU @3.00Ghz and 8 GB ram and a basic graphic card(existing one). I recently...
  33. M

    Laptop purchase advice, have some specs but find it hard to choose.

    Hi guys, I do know a thing or two about PC components and made the following draft of what I want for in a laptop; first are the programs I regularly use. Sketchup Vray Lumion GIS Arcgis AutoCAD 3DS Max + simple render Office Illustrator Photoshop multimedia Windows 10 Simple games(CIV, AoE...
  34. kas110

    Underclock Effect RAM?

    So, I am buying a set of 2x8gb corsair vengeance 2400Mhz early for my new build as RAM is cheap at the moment, but I thought instead of it sitting there doing nothing, waiting for my new PC build, can I stick it into my current build (GA 78-LMT-USB3) I have researched a bit, and have found out...
  35. E

    desktop icons, start menu and toolbar missing in windows 7 startup

    I don't know what my father did to his netbook. All I can say is it running Windows7 startup. Once you click past the password, there is nothing there, no icons, no start menu, no toolbar, nothing. I am not sure if he downloaded a virus...not sure what to do...
  36. D

    is this laptop (hp) good for gaming

    i need to buy a laptop for gaming and was wondering if this was good
  37. Asbaat

    PCIe slots question.

    Ok, my motherboard has 2 pcie slots. One is PCIe x1 gen 2.x and one is PCIe x16 gen 2.x I wanna buy a video card Nvidia GT 630 which has a PCIe 2.0. Its not specified whether it is x1, or x16? So will it work? Thanks
  38. S

    Is everything compatible??

    Is everything in this list compatible with eachother? Sapphire Radeon TRI-X R9 280X 3GB, Intel Core i5-4690K, ASUS B85M-G motherboard and Corsair CX 750w PSU I currently have the Corsair CX 430w PSU, will that work with all of the items above?? (I'm on a tight budget so thats why I didn't...
  39. K

    PC freezes completely

    Hello! I recently bought AMD FX 9590, and installed it to my computer, but now the computer freezes completely after seconds to minutes while the computer is running. I've reset the CMOS, updated the motherboard, double-checked the wires, but it is still freezing. The computer is running...
  40. S

    Storing CPUs not on motherboard

    my motherboard just failed so I am sending it back. where should I put my CPU in the mean time? I don't have the original box