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    [SOLVED] i3 9100f or Ryzen 3 3200g?

    Right now I have i5-2500 with RX 580 4gb (Yes it's a bottleneck this is the first time I built a pc and I made a mistake choosing what to buy) and I'm planning to upgrade my CPU with something better. Right now I'm just not sure if I should go switch to Ryzen or go to i3 9100F (In my country...
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    [SOLVED] 8700k vs 9700k no-iGPU for 1440p 144hz gaming

    I want to upgrade my PC since I feel that there is a bottleneck from my cpu. (CPU is constantly on 90% load when playing rainbowsix siege and can spike up to 100% when chrome is loaded on background) I am getting either a 8700k or a 9700 or a 9700k whichever is better of a 'value' (not...
  3. [SOLVED] Is my cpu overclocked

    Good morning. I have a Coffe Lake 15 8600k @3.6 CPU. this are mi specifitacions: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 OC 8GB Asus CPU: I5-8600k @3.60GHz Ram: 8 GB 2666 Mhz MB: gigabyte z370 HD3 OS: Win 10 x64 Bought it more than a year ago, but just now I am thinking about overclocking it. Thing is, that...
  4. [SOLVED] not convinced about my pc performance

    Hello. This is my very first post, I hope a get a solution. Looking videos of games in the internet, and comparing those with the performance I have in my pc (with similar hardware), I don´t like the FPS im getting. For example, Ghost Recond Wildlands is working at 70-80 fps for other people in...
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    Question What kind of motherboard is compatible(out of the box) with the 9th generation processor?

    So basically, i bought an Intel i5-9400f from amazon, but i made a terrible mistake on not researching well into the motherboard-cpu compatibility stuff before buying. I was like "OK, since 300 series is supported, i'll get one easily", it's only now that i am coming to know that they apparently...
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    Question is cpu broken? tried putting coffe lake in Z270 motherboard.

    hi, so i stupidly put a a i5 9600k in a Z270 motherboard, same socket diffrent chipset. have the cpu taken any damage from this?