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    Question Coil whine

    My PC has been suffering from coil whine for some time, but it's very loud. I have tried multiple PSU's (2x System Power 9 600w, 1x RM650x 2018) which made no difference. Tried multiple GPU's (Palit 2060, Sapphire Pulse 5500 XT, MSI Gaming X 5500 XT), which all had different coil whine but...
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    Question Corsair HX850 Plantinum, possible Coil Whine?

    Hello, Just built myself a new watercooled system in a Lian Li O11D XL case, AMD 5950X, Asus Crosshair VIII Hero MB, Asus Strix RTX3080 OC GPU, etc. And a Corsair HX850 Platinum PSU. Ever since the first power on, there has been a high pitch noise, which I can only attribute to being Coil...
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    Question Coil whine when scrolling on chrome, is it normal?

    I recently upgraded to an RTX 3070 Ti and I’m having coil whine when scrolling through a website on chrome, the GPU usage spikes from 0% to 6% when scrolling I understand some coil whine is normal when the GPU is under high load but is it normal when there’s low usage? like on chrome for example?
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    Question Is it possible for a graphics card to develop coil whine after years of use?

    My ASUS Strix GTX 1070 started to have coil whine in games even with V Sync enabled at 60 FPS. Is it possible for a GPU to develop this over time and should I be worried?
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    Question Coil whine or bad cap? Need replacing? Video attached.

    Just recently started noticing what sounds like a bird chirping coming from my psu, it happens every 15 seconds or so. I'm not super tech savvy and have no idea what this could be. Any and all help is appreciated guys! Thank you! Clip of the sound
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    Question Coil Whine From Transformer? (Corsair CX750M)

    Hi everyone! I'm having very annoying coil whine sounds. First I investigated by opening my psu up and listened while canceling other noises with a tube and I'm pretty sure it's coming from the large transformer. P.S: much before this, I hot-glued every coil because of this, didnt work thats...
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    Question Coil Whine from PSU continues after PSU upgrade

    Hi everyone, For a while I've been having this problem with my computer where it makes this buzzing noise constantly. The noise comes from the power supply but I can also hear it from the GPU/CPU area. It's not very loud but I can hear it all the time. When I play games the buzzing gets worse...
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    Question Coil Whine on the VRM when TDP spikes up and down

    Hello, I have recently built a computer (well, two if you count all the pieces I've replaced) and it seems to be cursed with coil whine. My specs: 10850K Noctua NH-D15 MSI Z490 Gaming Edge (previously ASUS TUF Z490) Seasonic Focus GX 750W (I have used a Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero that my...
  9. jeremyjones2000

    Question 3060ti founders whine/ high pitch noise

    View: not sure why this is happening perhaps coil whine ? if so does anyone know if nvidia do replacements for it and is it a bad thing it is making this noise. Thanks!
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    Question HDD Causing crashing and GPU coil whine

    Hey, So this is a weird one, I recently upgraded the Mobo, CPU and RAM in my system but about 2 weeks after I started getting constant crashes and sometimes starting a game up the PC would shut off, about a week after this my GPU developed coil whine. Sometimes the PC would not boot and I...
  11. RajTheGeek

    [SOLVED] Hissing sound coming from my PC

    Hi there. Here's the situation: from the past few weeks a hissing sound is coming from my PC. I opened my pc and tried to figure out the source but I can't find it. It makes when something is loading. Like when I open the chrome, file explorer, during the game loading screen. Suppose I open...
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    Question GPU Coil whine increases and decreases according to what it does in the game

    Hello, first of all, thank you It's my first time having coil whine on a GPU, it's the Gigabyte RTX 3070 Eagle OC. I know that it is not harmful to the GPU and that its only drawback is the noise it causes. I swapped my PSU for a Corsair RM850X thinking it would fix it but it didn't, so I've...
  13. DonCappuccino

    [SOLVED] GPU weird sound

    heys guys i really need your help , so basically one week ago , i turned on my pc in the morning , and then i started hearing a strange noise , i opened the pc to look where the problem is coming from , and it was from the gpu, when i stopped the fans with my fingers the noise just stopped , so...
  14. zDruqz

    Question Coil Whine | Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3070 EAGLE OC 8GB

    Before starting I want to list my components: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT GPU: Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3070 EAGLE OC Motherboard: Asus Prime B350-Plus Power Supply: Gigabyte P850GM 850W (this is my new one already, I got it because of the coil whine but it didn't change anything) RAM: 2x 8GB 2400MHz...
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    [SOLVED] GPU and maybe MOBO coil whine Help me pls

    Hi, first of all thank you for reading this Today i start hearing coil whine on my gpu but also i hear it in the 8 pin cpu area i hear it on windows 10 idle and when gaming it intensiefies turning on vsync it dosen't help My PC: Ryzen 9 5950x X570 Aorus Master Last BIOS Update G. Skill...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Noise coming from case.

    So I bought a new (used) GPU and a new case. I plugged everything and everything works fine, but sometimes, randomly, a bbbrrrrrrr noise starts coming out of the case. I tried unplugging my fans and it kept coming back. I checked if its the GPU and still doesn't seep to be it. Can someone help...
  17. Flavio333

    Question Rtx 2060 coil whine at clock boost in games.

    Hello guys , my GPU( Galax rtx 2060 1-click oc) has been having this strange noise for a few days. When I use the computer for simpler tasks, I don't hear any noise, however in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc., I hear this annoying hum. The strangest thing is that when I press...
  18. Tiger.Jo

    Question Coil Whine - GPU (GeForce RTX 2060)

    On 10 November I have build my new Game PC, until today I never heard any noise "coil whine" from my GPU (MSI GeForce RTX 2060 VENTUS XS 6G OC). Everytime I start a game it's making noise, while idle it's quiet. I checked HWMonitor and when the GPU is 0,725 V it's quiet, when it goes to 1,050 V...
  19. A

    Question Electrical, High Pitched Noise coming from somewhere the motherboard, it gets better with disabling idle processor state. What can cause this?

    Dear All! So I purchased a new pair of cans recently (HD600) with headphone amp. As I turned it on a noise became audible while adjusting the volume. It was so familiar. Then it hit me. It was the exact noise that I was constantly hearing from my PC. It has never really bothered me until this...
  20. hyrixx

    [SOLVED] Can a gpu develop coil whine after a while of using

    Hello guys my gtx 1660 gaming x developed coil whine after 10 months which is weird so can that be possible? is it like the other coil whines that come on the beginning ? or its different? I already tried it on another system and it was there soo it's 100% from the gpu !
  21. nvoyy

    [SOLVED] First Build PSU Coil Whine

    Recently finished my first build, everything with it is great but when I play anything that is quite hard on graphics I am getting coil whine. It seems this isn't the end of the world but it can get quite loud and annoying without headphones on. I am pretty sure it is coming from the PSU and...
  22. T

    [SOLVED] PSU causing GPU coil whine - looking for new PSU.

    As the title suggests, my PSU (TXM650) is causing my GPU (2080Ti) to whine when under load. I have tested with my girlfriends 600W Corsair PSU and it eliminated the whine on my GPU (Although, her PSU whined instead... Oops.). I have the below build. I have included EVERYTHING (except the...
  23. A

    [SOLVED] How can I identify coil whine?

    I have bought a new gigabyte RTX 2070 Super and it has a very low sound not like what I hear from the internet and people have it in a really loud noise and it happens when I start a game and it is a continuous sound it does not change over time MAYBE the sound gets higher a little but not...
  24. D

    Question My PSU makes a soft humming/buzzing noise. Cause for concern?

    It's hardly noticeable, but if you listen for it, you can hear it. It becomes more apparent when you put your ear directly next to the unit. It doesn't really fluctuate in pinch like coil whine, it's more just a constant hum. It seems to change slightly under load, but I can't tell for sure. I'm...
  25. S

    [SOLVED] Need help with new power supply please

    Hi, I currently have a Cooler Master MasterWatt 550W and it has really bad coil whine. I have read this model is common for coil whining. I’m not sure if it’s because I have it paired with a RX590 or what it is. Can anyone recommend a good PSU. My budget is around $100 thanks
  26. AFantasyHero

    [SOLVED] Swapping a 1060 with a 1070 ti with a bit of coil whine for a good deal?

    I was trying to swap out my Msi Gaming X GTX 1060 6 GB with a Msi Gaming GTX 1070 ti from the same model for about 100 USD. (GTX 1080 is much more exp comparing to 1070 ti where I live...) I was trying to be able to play 4K at 30 fps on a 4K TV or to be able to maintain 60 FPS@1080p on Ultra...
  27. J

    [SOLVED] MSI RTX 2070 Armor OC Coil Whine

    Hello. Almost a week ago I built a new pc featuring a msi 2070 armor (factory oc edition). I noticed that I have been experiencing coil whine whenever I'm hitting high frames. I'm not too concerned about the whining when it comes to 300 fps in csgo for example, but I'm also getting it even when...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] RX580 weird noises

    Hello I have RX580 xt 8GB XFX GPU. It came with mining BIOS as default. I noticed after 2 days and switched to normal BIOS, which rises the GPU clock from 1130MHz to 1366MHz. And here's the problem. With higher clocks, I start to see higher temperatures, but that's fine. But the GPU started to...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Msi Gtx 1050ti coil whine

    My graphics card outputs a fairly audible coil whine noise on idle from around a meter away. What would be the cause of this? poor quality components on the card? or just age? My psu is the super flower leadex III 550 watt gold. I'm certain that I had the same amount amount of coil whine with...
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    Question Mobo damaging PSUs. One already died. I'm hopeless at this point

    About a year ago I bought a CM 80+ Gold PSU and it worked well for a few months. Then the wiring noises started and honestly they are loud and scary. I have sent the PSU back together with the GPU (because there was loud coil whine from it as well) and borrowed a PSU that 100% worked from a...
  31. EQuak

    [SOLVED] Experiencing coilwhine

    So basically when I was using AMDs older drivers I did expect a small ammount of coilwhine. Just now, I updated the drivers and it's much bigger issue than before. The gpu was already once reclaimed but It still makes that weird noise. Should I reclaim psu ? (RX 590, 1x16GB RAM, ASROCK...
  32. Rcaldre21

    [SOLVED] Coil Whine

    Recently I've noticed my GPU make loud audible sounds when gaming. I thought maybe it was a bad GPU cause it only started recently. When playing any game such as The Witcher 3 or Control the Whine varies but its always there. Its the worst during Control. When panning the camera it alternates in...
  33. A

    Question Weird Buzzing/Humming Noise coming from PC

    HI Everyone, so recently ive been having this odd issue with my PC. Ive already changed out multiple parts of my computer such as the Motherboard,HDD, PSU, GPU and CPU Cooler. Anyways It seems to be making a slight buzzing/humming noise whenever im rendering something on the screen. Originally...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] 1070Ti won't install drivers?

    Hi, I recently bought a "working" Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti OC Edition to replace my aging GTX 980. However when I received it, and put it in my PC, I turned it on and it started booting and making this terrible sound that almost sounded like coil-whine. When it came to installing the drivers...
  35. redxiii1989

    [SOLVED] Coil whine from both PSU and GPU when overclocking.

    I noticed that when running a stress test on MSI AfterburnerI would hear a very audible coil whine. I could not determine if it was the GPU or PSU so I removed the PSU from the case and separated both PSU and GPU. I ran Afterburner once more and noticed that coil whine was being produced from...
  36. V

    [SOLVED] Gtx 1060 coil whine or something common

    Hello guys! Recently i bought myself a GTX 1060 6GB ASUS Strix. The card is performing petty good, but there is a strange noise when it comes to gaming that sounds like and electric buzzing. Instantly after minimize-ing the sound stops. With the last 2 gpu's I haven't noticed such thing, they...
  37. S

    Question My PC restarts and I don't know why.

    I suspect it might be my highly sensitive PSU, but i might be wrong. As the title says, my PC restarts when I change certain things. For example: 1. Back in my old room, every time I turn on the lights, my PC would restart. I suspected the problem was with my room light, so I went to an...
  38. The Reaper Wolf

    [SOLVED] Do y'all know what Micro center's vendor warranty means?

    I bought a GTX 1080 Ti from Micro Center 2ish years ago and my GPU is having some problems like broken fan, coil whine, high temps, HDMI slot is easy to put in but really hard to pull out, and other minor things, and I just checked the Micro Centers website and it says the GPU has a 3 year...
  39. I

    Question PSU making buzzing noise

    Hello everyone! I'll tell you the story of how I started to notice the problem with my PSU. I was just playing some minecraft, just doing my thing when I started to hear a strange buzzing noise from my PC. So i opened it up to so what was up. I couldn't clearly hear where the noise was coming...
  40. A

    [SOLVED] 2060 Super Coil Whine

    Hey, guys! I bought an ASUS 2060 SUPER EVO and it had coil whine in Dota 2 at max settings and in Heaven Benchmark but completely silent in FurMark. I RMA'd it. Ordered Palit 2060 SUPER JETSTREAM and it has the same problem. The coil whine comes from the GPU, not mobo or PSU. My PC: i7-9700k (no...