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Forum discussion tagged with coilwhine.
  1. T

    Question Problems with latest graphics drivers

    I had a few problems with my previous rx 590 so I reclaimed it and got a new one. The new one ran great for 1 day and than, after installing newest drivers from amd it started coilwhining (not the usual way, I am limiting my framerate to 120FPS and it still coilwhines as hell on blurry things...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Some component makes a weird noise when playing.

    Hello. When I start any of my games a weird whining noise starts. If I AltTab out of the game, it stops. Its probably coilwhine but I cant figure out which part makes it. Can it be PSU cause the GPU is like 2 months old. GPU : RTX 2060 Super PSU : Lepa MX F1 (500w)
  3. mustafa.islam1548

    Afterburner Vs Wattman

    Now i know there are loads of these types of threads but I want to know, now near the end of September 2017, with all the new AMD drivers and updates for softwares, which one is the best for RX 4xx cards? Afterburner or Wattman?
  4. R

    FPS drop while gaming on laptop

    Hi folks! I have little problem while playing on my laptop Lenovo z500. Most of the time I play League of Legends (hard to say this is gaming but...). So after 5-10 mins of playing I got massive FPS drops every couple of minutes. I downloaded MSI afterburner just to check out if both CPU or GPU...
  5. P

    Where does this go?

    Does this cable HDD LED Power Switch Reset Switch etc https://gyazo.com/300344530f2e606d1ec0cd85fcbd3cfb go into this slot on my motherboard. https://gyazo.com/9ab44e137f7c49ed7b4c5614c618baaa. Thanks
  6. S

    i7 4790k vs i7 6700k

    soo i saw some benchmarks showing 17% more fps in bf4 is this ture?? ism y cpu already bottlenecking me