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    Question Cold boot issues (boots fine on second boot) - PSU or something else?

    Hi all, I built my PC at the end of 2014, and it's been running without problem (and unaltered) until earlier this month, when it failed to boot, giving an "A2" POST code (IDE Detect) and not sending a signal to the monitor. I updated the BIOS to the latest release via BIOS Flashback, which...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Keyboard causing a BIOS freeze after a clod boot (Asus Z97-A as motherboard and Asus TUF gaming K7 as keyboard)

    Hello everybody, I have a conflict between my motherboard and my keyboard. The problem: When I boot the PC for the first time after a power down (out of order), with my keyboard plugged in, the PC boots but I get stuck on the "Press F2 or DEL to enter on BIOS setting" page. If I press DEL or F2...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] PC Sometimes stuck at bios. Requires 2-3 restarts to get to boot

    For the last 4 weeks, my PC has been getting stuck at bios. Normally one restart fixes this but now it takes three restarts. And now my USB Hub switch sometimes randomly drops out when using the computer. I believe this could be a PSU problem but I thought since it's "Platnium" it should be...
  4. L

    Question Second hand ryzen with cold boot problem?

    Hello guys, Ive got offer for like 30-35€ for ryzen 1700x. Its so cheap, because previous owner had problems with "Cold boot" - sometimes it didnt boot for first X times. After that, it works good (atleast, he says it). What I know, Ryzens have problems with cold boot, usualy becuase...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 cannot recover from turning off the monitor

    Hi all, I built a computer last May 2020 and it has been working nicely (except for some recent RMA I had to do). However since the very beginning I experienced a black screen issue in Windows 10 (image remained black in the monitor even the computer looked running normally) everytime I did...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] GPU not getting detected during cold boot/getting no display

    Hi guys, I am facing a strange problem since few days which I needed help with. Whenever I cold boot the PC my GPU is not getting detected by the PC and hence, I am not getting any display at all. Not even the bios flash screen is being displayed. The PC itself boots up perfectly though. I can...
  7. A

    Question Cold boot problem

    my pc config: Ryzen 9 3900x Noctua nh d15 Tuf x570 wifi Crucial ballistix 16 gb 3200mhz ddr4 asus gt 710 Enthoo pro full tower Corsair Rm850x 250gb kingston nvme 4 tb wd blue aoc 24g2u problem is that everytime i cold boot ( like shutdown the pc and start with power button), i see...
  8. Shadowspirit91

    [SOLVED] Random VGA Debug Led

    Hi guys, My 6 months old PC is acting up, since a couple of weeks. Very random and rarely it doesnt boot with the VGA Debug led lit. More often in the morning on a cold boot. Specs: i5 9600K @ 4,8ghz Noctua D15 Chromax MSI Z390-A Pro MSI RTX 2080 Super 16gb 3200mhz Corsair Ram 750 CM Bronze...
  9. EnricoHuber

    Question Cold boot issues on my system with GIGABYTE 5600XT, any help?

    Hello everybody, Since I built my pc, I have some cold boot problems. The pc doesn't turn on: When it stays off for a while (at least 3 hours) When wakes after standy The problem is the following: when I turn on my pc slowly shows the screen of my mother board (MSI) and then give "No Video...
  10. L

    Question Windows crashing few minutes after reboot

    Hi everyone, I accidentally pulled on power cord when the computer was on. After reboot I began getting all sorts of error messages, different one with each reboot: missing or corrupted Windows files, stop code, exception not handled, BSOD, you name it. Safe mode or recovery doesn't work...
  11. S

    Question PC doesn't boot from cold boot - please help

    Hi guys, I helped my friend install a new GPU and PSU a few days ago. Tested it out everything turned on and played a game for 20 minutes to make sure all was in working order. The next day he told me it didn't turn on but then found a tip on the Internet saying to remove the CMOS battery for...
  12. J

    Question Bios reset after cold boot

    Hi everyone, My PC has been working fine for months since i got it, but when i restarted it yesterday the bios was suddenly (partially) reset. Time and date was OK but custom RAM settings where changed. I set the bios to my preferences again and tried to replicate the problem -> first reboot...
  13. S

    Question Bios settings reset on cold boot

    Hi everyone! I switched out some hardware (CPU, GPU and PSU) a few weeks ago and have been getting strange behavior on cold boots. I will start with a general description and then say what I think is happening. The Problem The indicator lights will flash and I hear the fans powering up That...
  14. 4

    Question ASUS GR6 - BSOD on cold boot WIN10 (NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE - hal.dll)

    Hello Guys, Im having a problem with my GR6, as it crashes constantly with NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE. It does crash only on first run (cold boot) after a peroid of being shut off and after it automatically restarts its OK. The crash appears few minutes or seconds from start. Specs: OS Win 10 x64...
  15. theunknown0

    can i use vs550 with Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Phoenix?

    as the title say can is use vs550 with a Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Phoenix will ther be enough power for the 1070ti?
  16. W

    1440p or 1080p with dual gtx 770

    hi so I'm pretty new to pc gaming, been using an old tv monitor for a while and its time for a gaming monitor. I am running dual gtx 770s , my question is go 1440p or stick with 1080p, i have 2 monitors in mind, both are g sync and 144hz, one is ips and the 1080p is tn panel. the 1440p i can...
  17. izoli

    m.2 Toshiba-RD400 heat

    OCZ utility shows 85c as being unsafe, however mine idles at 58c and under stress tests will easily reach upper 70's. Are there common cooling solutions?
  18. A

    Help: troubleshooting a new build

    I'm building a new pc (components list below). It's been ~20y so I plugged in everything and ... the power led went on - nothing else. Replugged in everything - same thing. Unplugged everything, tried the psu testing tool. Good - psu fan turns on. With just the cpu, ram, graphics card & wifi...
  19. M

    how to resolve back light problems in lenovo ideapad

    How can I get my screen brighter? I have done everything I know. In the past I called lenovo and they corrected it remotely and warned me that they would not do it again as my warranty was expiring. But I continue to have the problem. The system is lenovo ideapad. Please help. Thanks