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  1. L

    Question Second hand ryzen with cold boot problem?

    Hello guys, Ive got offer for like 30-35€ for ryzen 1700x. Its so cheap, because previous owner had problems with "Cold boot" - sometimes it didnt boot for first X times. After that, it works good (atleast, he says it). What I know, Ryzens have problems with cold boot, usualy becuase...
  2. D

    Question Windows 10 cannot recover from turning off the monitor

    Hi all, I built a computer last May 2020 and it has been working nicely (except for some recent RMA I had to do). However since the very beginning I experienced a black screen issue in Windows 10 (image remained black in the monitor even the computer looked running normally) everytime I did...
  3. I

    Question GPU not getting detected during cold boot/getting no display

    Hi guys, I am facing a strange problem since few days which I needed help with. Whenever I cold boot the PC my GPU is not getting detected by the PC and hence, I am not getting any display at all. Not even the bios flash screen is being displayed. The PC itself boots up perfectly though. I can...
  4. A

    Question Cold boot problem

    my pc config: Ryzen 9 3900x Noctua nh d15 Tuf x570 wifi Crucial ballistix 16 gb 3200mhz ddr4 asus gt 710 Enthoo pro full tower Corsair Rm850x 250gb kingston nvme 4 tb wd blue aoc 24g2u problem is that everytime i cold boot ( like shutdown the pc and start with power button), i see...
  5. Shadowspirit91

    [SOLVED] Random VGA Debug Led

    Hi guys, My 6 months old PC is acting up, since a couple of weeks. Very random and rarely it doesnt boot with the VGA Debug led lit. More often in the morning on a cold boot. Specs: i5 9600K @ 4,8ghz Noctua D15 Chromax MSI Z390-A Pro MSI RTX 2080 Super 16gb 3200mhz Corsair Ram 750 CM Bronze...
  6. EnricoHuber

    Question Cold boot issues on my system with GIGABYTE 5600XT, any help?

    Hello everybody, Since I built my pc, I have some cold boot problems. The pc doesn't turn on: When it stays off for a while (at least 3 hours) When wakes after standy The problem is the following: when I turn on my pc slowly shows the screen of my mother board (MSI) and then give "No Video...
  7. L

    Question Windows crashing few minutes after reboot

    Hi everyone, I accidentally pulled on power cord when the computer was on. After reboot I began getting all sorts of error messages, different one with each reboot: missing or corrupted Windows files, stop code, exception not handled, BSOD, you name it. Safe mode or recovery doesn't work...
  8. S

    Question PC doesn't boot from cold boot - please help

    Hi guys, I helped my friend install a new GPU and PSU a few days ago. Tested it out everything turned on and played a game for 20 minutes to make sure all was in working order. The next day he told me it didn't turn on but then found a tip on the Internet saying to remove the CMOS battery for...
  9. J

    Question Bios reset after cold boot

    Hi everyone, My PC has been working fine for months since i got it, but when i restarted it yesterday the bios was suddenly (partially) reset. Time and date was OK but custom RAM settings where changed. I set the bios to my preferences again and tried to replicate the problem -> first reboot...
  10. S

    Question Bios settings reset on cold boot

    Hi everyone! I switched out some hardware (CPU, GPU and PSU) a few weeks ago and have been getting strange behavior on cold boots. I will start with a general description and then say what I think is happening. The Problem The indicator lights will flash and I hear the fans powering up That...
  11. 4

    Question ASUS GR6 - BSOD on cold boot WIN10 (NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE - hal.dll)

    Hello Guys, Im having a problem with my GR6, as it crashes constantly with NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE. It does crash only on first run (cold boot) after a peroid of being shut off and after it automatically restarts its OK. The crash appears few minutes or seconds from start. Specs: OS Win 10 x64...
  12. theunknown0

    can i use vs550 with Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Phoenix?

    as the title say can is use vs550 with a Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Phoenix will ther be enough power for the 1070ti?
  13. W

    1440p or 1080p with dual gtx 770

    hi so I'm pretty new to pc gaming, been using an old tv monitor for a while and its time for a gaming monitor. I am running dual gtx 770s , my question is go 1440p or stick with 1080p, i have 2 monitors in mind, both are g sync and 144hz, one is ips and the 1080p is tn panel. the 1440p i can...
  14. izoli

    m.2 Toshiba-RD400 heat

    OCZ utility shows 85c as being unsafe, however mine idles at 58c and under stress tests will easily reach upper 70's. Are there common cooling solutions?
  15. A

    Help: troubleshooting a new build

    I'm building a new pc (components list below). It's been ~20y so I plugged in everything and ... the power led went on - nothing else. Replugged in everything - same thing. Unplugged everything, tried the psu testing tool. Good - psu fan turns on. With just the cpu, ram, graphics card & wifi...
  16. M

    how to resolve back light problems in lenovo ideapad

    How can I get my screen brighter? I have done everything I know. In the past I called lenovo and they corrected it remotely and warned me that they would not do it again as my warranty was expiring. But I continue to have the problem. The system is lenovo ideapad. Please help. Thanks