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  1. jackiechanman

    Question Higher bit-depth or higher color gamut?

    Which monitor option has better and more color? Why? Explain. And what does it mean? Option 1: 8-bit, sRGB 128%Option 2: 10-bit, sRGB 99% ? Option 1: 8-bit, sRGB 128% Option 2: 10-bit, sRGB 99% I am trying to understand what is the differences and what it means. I am trying to buy a new...
  2. kalern123

    [SOLVED] Calibrating gaming monitor

    So, I just got the new Samsung Odyssey G7 montior and I wanted to calibrate it. Is it even a thing to calibrate a monitor for gaming? Anyway, my question is brightness. I know that for editing and photoprinting your typical brightness would be around 80-120 cd. But this is purely for...
  3. propigeon

    Question DisplayPort support and Color Calibration on New monitor?

    Hi, I want to buy a monitor that says in its specs, it is for a DP 1.2a, and my GPU supports DP1.4. Monitor: GPU: rog strix 1060 6g Cable I can buy: CLUB3D DisplayPort 1.4 HBR3 Will they work together? :D The monitor comes with an HDMI...
  4. I

    intel core i7 7700k

    Hello. so I just bought a computer with an i7 7700k and ive only tried to play it on csgo now and the temps were jumping from 56c ish to 83c up and down again now I want to ask if its a normal temp for this specific CPU btw it was running on 4.5Ghz
  5. Slayerin

    GTX 1070 crashing during games??

    Hey so I recently (as in for boxing day sales) bought a Asus 1070 dual ge force white 8 gb. However my graphic card consistently crashes when I am playing games, most often on loading screens or when the pov of my player changes abruptly or when exiting a vehicle, building or even my inventory...