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  1. J

    Satellite P850-30V PSPKBE-06601rmd - CPU upgrade options

    Hello to you. I am wanting to upgrade to my CPU as this laptop still has a lot of potential with the 2GB NVIDIA graphics card and I want to run a i5 / i7. Could you provide me a list of the top 3 preforming CPU's of the i5 and the i7. Details: Toshiba Satalite P850-30V (pspkbe-06601rmd)...
  2. L

    Advise About Shops With International Shipping

    Hi, I Lived In Mauritius island And My Issue That Is The Cost Of Computers & Technologies Spare Parts Are Too Expensive.. I Want To Try Shipping From Other Websites Instead Of Ebay That Are Also Expensive.. Is There Some Websites Where i Can Buy tech Parts At Some Reasonable Price With...
  3. K

    how do i recover my accidentally deleted os help!!!!!

    i resetted my computer but i did not know that the old windows was windows 8.1 when i had windows 10 and there is no recovery thing please help i am running 8.1 because im an idiot
  4. P

    Is my PSU good enough for this computer?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know if my Corsair 450W PSU is okay to use with the following build: i5-3340 3.1 GHz Asus R9 280X ASRock B75 Pro3-M 2x4 G.Skill Ripjaws X Thanks.
  5. moondawg009

    GPU odd noise

    Hi everyone I got home today and noticed an odd noise coming from my computer its hard to describe, it is not loud, kind of faint like crickets, and it is not a consistent sound, however when the sound does occur it slightly vibrates my case. I noticed when i lower my GPU fan from 70% down to...
  6. G

    Stuck between two PSU's

    So I'm currently in the market for a new PSU, after my current one is on it's last leg. I've determined that I need a ~750W power supply (i5-3570k + gtx970), and I'm curious just how essential a 80+ gold is over an 80+ bronze. Essentially, I'm looking at either this EVGA bronze one (EVGA 750 BQ)...
  7. A

    How is this gaming PC build?

    Hello, I was wondering what you guys thought of this computer build? What could I do to improve it and how can I save money? Keep in mind that I'm only 14 and have limited money, so suggestions shouldn't raise the price. (For the graphics card I want to get a GTX 1060) Thanks...
  8. TR10

    Fan placement on top of radiator

    Would it be a good idea if you had the fans on top of the radiator when top mounted in the H440? To be honest I'm only doing this for aesthetics and I need to know if performance will drop because of it. Radiator: NZXT Kraken x61 Fans: Included FX V2 Case: NZXT H440 Thanks! Below...
  9. U


    need startup repair help. I tried F8 route but did not repair. I cannot do anything unless windows starts
  10. B

    Palit 750Ti, little question.

    Hello guys, I'm a fresh user of Palit's 750 ti stormx dual, i've noticed that afterburner shows that the card exceeds it's power limit. What i mean, it reaches GPU power 125% without oc. Before that i had it oc'd and afterburner shown 115% gpu power. Screens below. Should i be worried? I...
  11. A

    cheap mechanical keyboard sugestion

    Hey guys, I want to buy a mechanical keyboard. I will be going to spain and i might bring one back to argentina (here they are much more expensive here). I want it to have brown mx swichies, maybe white backlit, RGB crazy effects. No need for any macro keys. I do want a num pad. Finally i...
  12. X

    Where should I plug in my new monitor?! [SLI]

    soo, I have an sli 970 build and just got my second monitor what are the pros ands cons of plugging it into which gpu? Is that even an option? Thanks!
  13. Kimshiyun

    LENOVO ideapad S210 20256 Laptop mainly for Photoshoping

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking on buying a Mini-Laptop to use it for my work, mostly for Photoshopping & browsing the web using Mozilla Firefox Nightly (multi-tabbing). For the time, I found the LENOVO ideapad S210 20256 priced at $280. My Photoshop work consist generally on a combination of many...
  14. R

    Does Quadro 2000 support Dual monitor?

    Hi Guys. Can I attach dual monitor in Quadro 2000. Does it support or not?
  15. C

    How can you fix it when you CPU is 70%-80% if you are playing csgo?

    Ho can you fix it when you CPU is 70%-80% if you are playing csgo? I have than sometimes frames drops Can sombody help my please? My processor intel i5-6400 My videocart is GTX 750Ti Thanks!
  16. Z

    "Xbox can't be opened using the built-in administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again."

    I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 when 10 released. Recently I found the app Xbox, and even though I don't own an Xbox, it allows me to record game clips on my PC. However all of a sudden the app won't open and I get the error: "Xbox can't be opened using the built-in administrator...
  17. F

    Will love you if u can help get rid of my headache

    Hello gang Okay I have bought a pre built pc a while back and I'm gonna upgrade it with a new gpu and power supply I've got a power supply sorted... but the gpu I have no idea if it will fit before I buy it. Currently the gpu is amd r9 255 and I wish to put in a amd r9 390 8 gb gpu but I don't...
  18. L

    after booting tails i can't boot anything

    I put Tails on a usb drive. Booted it up. Put a persistant volume on a second dive. Rebooted and now all i get is ' no bootable disk. Insert and press button'. Tried f1 f2 f12 and just repeats itself.
  19. R

    DVD Drive flashes green and makes noise at boot.

    I recently got a new PSU yesterday and ever since then my dvd drive will make a noise like you just put a CD inside and its reading the disc when the PC boots. Hw do i fix this?
  20. stavrosmast

    Which ram is better? (from my links)

    So.. there was a problem with the order i had done so now i have options for these. Which one is better?
  21. DMTron

    Need help, I have a blue screen

    So first my computer started to shut off, as if unplugged. Then a blue screen started popping up but restarting fixed it. But now this BSOD pops up every 5 seconds after the start up. It says registry error and stop code # 0x00000051. I went into safe mode and no crashes, also my windows 8 on...
  22. T

    my Sega song belt 2005 year and 60inch screen it will come play and go black for a few min and come back on

    My tv comes on and play then goes black for a few then comes back on
  23. J

    Why won't my AMD a10 run any benchmarks

    I just built a new computer with an amd a10 7850K with no discrete GPU and my APU won't run any benchmarks. I tried running Heaven and 3D Mark Firestrike and both of them came up with errors. I don't know what to do. PLS HELP!
  24. O

    Is my 750w enough to run it?

    Hello, I know there're a lot of threads like this, but I still get confused. I have: Gigabyte 990fx motherboard 2x 8gb patriot ram Amd fx 9590 CPU with thermaltake 3.0 water cooler WiFi adapter Gigabyte r9 290x And 3 other fans. I was planning to crossfire it with another r9 290x but I'm not...
  25. Alyus

    XFX R9 280A Notorious for VRM Heating Issues?

    Is this true or is it just the few who received faulty cards?
  26. E

    Why does my power button flash blue

    Would you be able to tell me how to stop the blue circle around the letter e on my e machine tower from flashing off and on?
  27. Z

    Dota Keeps Crashing

    So for the past month dota has been crashing but its been crashing without warning. It will just shut off. The first crash is not predictable but it always crashes again as im loading back into the game. I have tried verifying file cache and resintalling the game. Neither have worked. Dota was...
  28. T

    I keep getting this error message.

    every 5 minutes or so i get this error message. "Setup was unable to automatically close all applications. It is recommended that you close all applications using files that need to be updated by Setup before continuing. Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway, or Abort to cancel...
  29. C

    GPU drivers stopping Windows 7 from booting, Please help.

    I just installed my new ASUS radeon r9 290 direct cu ii OC into my pc, It's all plugged in properly. I turned on my pc and everything worked fine, Then I installed the drivers for my GPU and restarted my pc as it said I had to, Then it wouldn't boot to windows 7 login screen, I went into safe...
  30. George Avitia

    Control Panel and other programs wont load.

    Hey all, So I've been dealing with this issues for almost a week now. Have spent hours trying to figure out what the issue is. Control panel wont load right away, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes or even 30 minutes to load and it just sits there in a blank page and wont let me exit as well...
  31. J3MINI

    H61M-DS2 DVI Intel i5 Quad CPU Fan noise

    Hey everyone. I have a small little problem regarding an Intel i5 stock fan running on a H61M-DS2 DVI i5 quad chipset. Sadly my local PC store outlet couldnt help because they had no replacement fans in stock, so i'm throwing this out to you guys on here. The noise level is a little bit of...
  32. 0nard00

    126 vs. 256 SSD

    I was wondering what size would be enough for some gaming and content creation, a 126gb or 256gb SSD? I'll be installing my OS and Adobe products with C4D and Maya soon. Would either one be enough for all those softwares and the OS? Choosing from a Samsung 840 Pro or 850 Pro.
  33. J

    Need help finding motherboard

    I am needing help finding this motherboard so i can purchase tonight please help me out. p.s. Would I have to re install windows when installing a new motherboard?
  34. M

    Hearing audio from TV signal through PC Speakers

    Hi I just want to know what kind of speakers should I get in order to get sound from TV signal to come out of the speakers. The TV has no 3.5 audio jack port by the way. What I also want to do is to hear the sound from those speakers when I hook up my PC to the TV without having to connect them...
  35. M

    144hz monitor on MSI Apache GE60

    I'm looking to buy an ASUS VG248QE this weekend. I am currently using an Apache GE60 ( However, the laptop only has VGA and HDMI ports. What will I need to achieve 144hz with my current laptop if I buy the ASUS this weekend? Thanks.
  36. Z

    MSI X79a-gd45 Plus - No POST

    These are my specs x79a -gd45 plus motherboard, 4960x i7, 16 GB of ram, GTX 770 OC 2GB 1000 watt EVGA supernova Everything was running fine. Then one day it would not post I troubleshooted everything and RMA'd the Motherboard, Now that i have gotten it back the problem is not fixed...
  37. book_of_eli

    New Pc Build Advice ($900)

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new gaming pc ill also be using it for 3d modeling here's my part make up so far i would love to hear any advice you have and i'll be playing indie games and also battlefield. ,Thank You
  38. A

    Headset video issue

    When i have my headset plugged in, no videos will work- i tried netflix, youtube, downloaded movies- But nothing, but when i take them out, they start. help?
  39. R

    can i play watchdogs?

    graphics - r7 265 cpu - fx 6300 ram - 4gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz psu - cx550 should i consider getting 750ti instead of r7 265?
  40. S

    Laptop shutdown(without any error) due to overheating

    I am posting my issue too late than it started occurring. I have a sony vaio with intel core i3-370m,4gb ram,500gb hdd and 1gb amd radeon 5000 series gpu. Its more than 3 years old laptop but i used it with great care so it doesnt look like old. So here is the thing, my laptop started getting...