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  1. T

    Question Recommended Paint Colours for Vibrant Pink & White Case Mod (Metal)?

    Hi there guys, I'm building my partner's PC with her and I need some recommendations for spray paint brands or certain colours of pink you've seen or used that will work well on the metal Cooler Master NR200P (white). Would I need a primer or would the white be good enough to paint directly...
  2. E

    Question Changing brightness without disabling .icm profile

    Hi, I followed a guide to setup my display colours that included an .icm profile, BlurBustersStrobeUtility and creating a NVIDIA custom resolution, which got me great colours but I find it a little bit too dark when watching dark scenes in a video. My display brightness is already at 100 and if...
  3. Jogibearson

    [SOLVED] Games are almost Black/White

    Today my new XFX RX 570 XXX RS whatever edition arrived. I upgraded from a 1050ti and used DDU in safe-mode to remove the NVIDIA drivers. I installed the RX 570 drivers, muted systemsounds because of the Radeon Software beeping and wanted to test some games. Overwatch ran fine, Ultra settings -...
  4. Gexila

    Question At start something wrong with loading and the display of colours and resolution is wrong

    I have a problem. My computer seemed to work fine for a good time, but at one moment something happened, and everything i see when the windows is loaded is Screen 640x480 and colors are wrong. I don't know what failed. At the day when it occured i've installed one program, which i think was a...
  5. D

    Question Is this fake or real? RX 570 for $100

    RX 570 its from amazon, but its such a low price could this actually be an rx 570 or is it somehow fake?
  6. W

    Gaming rig went from unable to get past boot/bios, to not powering on at all...

    First, I will give a general summary of my problem, and then go into specifics: Summary: I've had this PC for 3-4 years and it has worked pretty well. Today, PC would not make it past boot screen/bios. I eventually figured out how to boot into the windows repair screen (by holding power to...
  7. Deadran

    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD Please help! Been stuck for a week HAVE DMP FILES

    What would you need from the event viewer to help me? I've reinstalled win10 multiple times and I weren't able to fix anything, I've tested my hdd, ram, cpu, gpu etc for problems but they all seem to work, driver issue? I don't know exactly, please help! Thank you in advance!
  8. S

    ASRock X99 WS-E Possible SATA Issues

    I'm having some trouble with ASRock's x99 ws-e board and HDD/SSDs. My first ws-e board (bought Feb 5th) would either fail to complete POST (w/ only HDD in) or hard restart during Windows 7 installation (w/ only SSD in) (as soon as the Windows finished loading files and the startup animation got...