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  1. C

    Question Problems with COM port communication with CNC machine *urgent*

    Greetings, I currently have a problem with trying to get and old CAD/CAM program to communicate with our CNC machines at work. I'm working on getting a program called Power Stations to communicate back and forth with the com ports . Power stations is being emulated on a virtual machine called...
  2. DylanXXX

    Question Accessing COM Port from Ethernet

    I currently managing 2 POS Devices in a Restaurant. The POS is using Windows 7. 1 POS located on the first floor has a printer connected via COM1 port. The printer itself has an LPT Port, the printer comes with an LPT to COM Port. 1 POS located on the second floor doesn't have any printer...
  3. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Please clarify 25 pin serial connections to me

    Hello, Literally wasted an entire day trying to connect my dial-up modem to my laptop via the parallel port, only to realise that it was actually a 25 serial port that had the exact same shape and pin locations I was so desperatly trying to get the LTP1 port to show up in my modem installation...
  4. WWP

    [SOLVED] Is 3.0 USB port any good for 2.0 devices?

    Hello, I want to buy USB extension cable, and since 3.0 extension cable is double the price of 2.0 one, and I want this extension cable for my game-pad, keyboard or mouse. So, basically, is 3.0 port has any advantage over 2.0 port for 2.0 devices? Actually when I connect my redragon...
  5. C

    $200 to upgrade my PC

    Hey all, my PC is pretty bad at the moment and I'm looking for some help in order to improve my gaming PC's performance because its hard getting above 35 frames in BF4 on low settings. My PC is now about a year old and I think its time to upgrade something like the GPU or CPU. In my opinion its...