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  1. ElMachoMan

    Question Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus

    So I understand Anti-Malware is more broad, and im sure someone posted the answer, but i cant find it anywhere. I have malwarebytes downloaded and i run it periodically, i get anti malware is better. Is there any reason to have an anti-virus to scan periodically as well? Or should I just run...
  2. T

    Ahteros AR5007 802.11 b/g Wifi Adapter Not Recognized in Device Manager

    Replaced Crashed Hard Drive And Re installed Os Windows 7 And Now I Have No Wifi Connections!!! Can Use A Linsky Wireless Adapter And I Have No Problem!!! Can Direct Wire To Wireless Router And Have No Problem??? Why?????? Thanks Tom
  3. G

    My question marks turns into an È when I press can I change thisÉ

    I have an acer and for some reason the key for the question mark is giving me an accented letter e like this é...I dont know how to change it back