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  1. DobriAndr

    Question Currently looking on a opinion for a mobo and cpu combo 2nd hand

    Hello im currently watching a cpu and mobo combo for around $80. The cpu is intel core i3 10100f and the mobo is the Gigabyte H410M S2H V3. Im looking forward for your guys and girls opinion on it. I personally think its a good deal but i want to hear somebody that has a little more knowledge...
  2. J

    Question Best Combo of Threadripper CPU/RAM/Motherboard for $650

    I'm looking for advice on the best Motherboard, AMD Ryzen 7 Threadripper CPU, RAM combination. This doesn't necessarily have to include any other components, just those 3. I'd prefer 32gb ram, as fast as possible. There was a time I could have done this myself, but I've been out of the game...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Universal combo MT4100

    Hello everyone, please tell me shall I buy Bluetooth for my combo wireless keyboard & mouse ? Will it connect ? and what is the difference between dongle that comes with the combo mouse & keyboard and Bluetooth ? Intel Quad Core Q9550 MSI G41M-S03 Windows 10, "Universal combo MT 4100 " Keyboard...
  4. S

    Question The right choice for headset + mic for 2019?

    Hello to everyone reading this post! Today I have a question about choosing the right headset + microphone for listening to music and mainly gaming with friends (CS:GO; R6) on the budget I have. I am using „Ali” headset (the audio only), because microphone captures the sound of them and makes...
  5. A

    Wake on lan not working on any PC. Could it be the router?

    I work from home doing PC & laptop repairs and have several PC's in my workshop and in the house that I can wake up remotely, or at least I used to be able to. In short, I've tried several different wake on lan programs on several different PC's and none of them are working on any of my PC's. My...
  6. morpheus1870

    Are these benchmark speeds good?

    Do these look about right? Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD WD My Book DUO 8TB USB 3.0 in RAID 1 (x2 4TB WD Red Drives)
  7. N

    Windows 10 goes to blank backlit screen after few minutes

    Hello, I have an MSI laptop with 16GB of ram, 120gb SSD, 1tb HDD, and a GTX 860M. Just recently, my screen has started going blank after a few minutes. The backlight stays on and is still adjustable, meaning the computer is still responding, but the screen does not turn on unless I either put...
  8. H

    Looking for rendering and gamingpc

    Hi guys :) I want to build a pc about four month later today I want rendering pc and gaming pc and I want go live in twitch and record my games and 3d works for youtube My budget is about 1700-2000$ I think about x99 chip About vga idk witch one I pick msi r9 390x or gtx 970 xtream About...
  9. L

    It dooesn't feel like 144hz

    I just finished putting together my first build and along with purchasing the parts i ordered a 144hz benq monitor, after i had hooked it up it doesn't feel like 144hz, im using a dvi cable, could it be placebo, haha xd idk Thanks
  10. C

    AoE III wont play on Win 8

    Hey We bought AoE III complete edition for 'XP or higher' We are on Win 8.1 and DirectX 11 The error message at the conclusion of installing the game says we don't have d3dx9_25.dll which is required to run the game. As far as I can gather, this is in v9 of DirectX and not in 11... I cant...
  11. R

    Is my GPU dead?

    So I built my first PC about a week ago, then Saturday night I was playing LoL and my screen flickered, then the screen shut off. The computer continued to work (I could even hear game sounds coming from the speakers), but no display. I have: CPU: I5-4460 GPU: XFX R9 280X RAM: 8GB Team Elite...
  12. M

    password forgetted windows7

    how to know windows 7 password when logged in
  13. J

    Memory errors. Windows memory diagnostic says no errors, memtest says errors

    I have recently started experiencing problems with my ram. I started to suspect my rams was due to my games crashing mid play and getting BSOD. Then I started to test using memtest to my surprise I got errors but these errors only came from one part of memory at 4500mb and the memtest already...
  14. W

    Chassis not providing GPU screw placement

    Hi all, my GPU fits perfectly fine with the motherboard and is running right now with no problems. However, I'm worried that my GPU might snap or fall off since it won't screw into the back of the chassis. Photo here to explain better : From this...
  15. M

    G3258 low bus speed

    Hello guys. I overclocked the pentium with these settings: CPU multiplier: 45 CPU cache multiplier: 35 CPU Vcore: 1.3v Ring bus voltage: 1.2 C states: disabled Bus speed: auto/100mhz In core temp and asrock a-tuning everything seems fine, but the cpu-z shows me the core speed of 4262mhz with...
  16. I

    i cant use ethernet

    can i simply plug this wifi chip in and recive wifi? i just cant run an ethernet cable from my router. here is the wifi card i bought- just curious but if i plug it in a pci express slot (x16) will my enternet be faster? thx :)
  17. M

    Would you reccomend this build?

    I saw a video for a 2014 PC build. Heres the link: . Since I'm not much of a Tech guy, would this be good to play on? If I get this build I plan to overclock it to 4.4 GHz. Part list: Motherboard: MSI Z87-G43 Socket 1150 Intel Z87 Chipset $130 CPU...