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  1. I

    Question Prebuilt Comparison

    I'm helping my friend look at some prebuilt PCs, and these two are what we ended up with. For option 1, our question is that, if in the future, he wants to upgrade to a better cpu / gpu, would the B460M be a good motherboard to have? For option 2, would there be any sort of bottleneck with the...
  2. S


    Hey guys! I’m in the market for a new gaming monitor. I also edit films so that could be a factor in this comparison. I’ve found that these two seem to be the best IPS gaming panels for 1440p out there right now, as far as features and specs go. Which should I go with?
  3. ririx4268

    Question need advice on choosing a new laptop!

    Greetings, i'm considering purchasing a new budget laptop that'd i'd more than surely game on, and after around two months of delaying it, reading about models within my budget and searching through several online retailers, i've kind of had a grasp of what i want, GPU wise, as far as the...
  4. M

    Need advice for mid-range gaming pc [India]

    I am living in India and need advice to build a pc that can last for the next 2-3 years and easily play modern and future games at high/ultra at 40+ fps. Since I have a 1600x900 monitor I obviously wont be gaming at even 1080p, so I think 2gb vram might be enough. Also, I won't actually be...