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  1. I

    Question Building first PC (multitasking, programming, gaming)

    Hi everyone! After many years of owning a laptop, I finally decided to build a pc. As it is my first experience, please bare with me. I'd like to build a pc that will make it easy to program (Python), game (CS, GTA, Witcher 3) with high/ultra settings @1080 or @1440 and 60+ FPS, work with huge...
  2. M3ll0y

    Question cpu upgrade

    Hi,I have old Dell optiplex 745 with broken cpu and I want replace it for core2 quad q9450 but after turn on it dont give output just black screen and maxed out fan.I let it run about 1 hour in case bios trying to identify new cpu but nothing. If chipset didnt support this cpu it should show...
  3. M

    Question Louqe Ghost S1 Batch2 Top hat compatibility

    Does anyone have experience or know issues with pairing Louqe Ghost S1 batch 2 case with a Top hat batch 3? Thanks for your time.
  4. ales0sa

    Question 2X4GB DDR4 PROBLEM

    Hi, its my first post and I dont have fluid english. Well my problem is this, i have a A320M-HDV R4.0, with one ddr4 memory stick ( CT4G4DFS824A.M8FE - Crucial 4gb 2400 udimm 1.2c cl17)... Then i get other ddr4 memory stick ( Kingston KVR24N17S6/4 4gb ddr4 2400 etc) ... So the pc starts...
  5. B

    Question Can My Motherboard Run 250 Ohm Headphones??

    Hello, I'm debating buying a new pair of headphones but want something a bit more high end. My price point is about £105. I've looked and found the beyerdynamic dt 990's and 880's. I have also found a few other ones but all seem to be 250 Ohms. I don't have enough money to buy the headphones and...
  6. M

    Question 3070 on PCI-E 3 4x?

    Hello, I am considering getting the new 3070 gpu but i have a PCI-E 3 4x motherboard, this one: and i was wondering with it be compatible? i heard it will be compatible with pcie 3 but will I lose perfomance and will it work on 4x...
  7. T

    Question Radiator compatibility issue

    Hello all. I recently bought a Corsair iCUE 465X RGB Mid-Tower Black ATX Case along with some other parts including a Corsair H115i 280mm CPU cooler. Now in the specs on the Corsair website and also on the vendor I bought from it says that this case supports 280mm radiators. However, as it turns...
  8. Fabrii

    [SOLVED] In need of Single-Sided Memory to fill 4 DIMM slots.

    I currently have a ASUS H81-Gamer Motherboard. I don't have enough money at the moment to fully upgrade to a modern DDR4 System and possibly a new GPU too so am trying to upgrade what i can and seeing my options. View: (Screenshot of the manual) As can be seen on...
  9. I

    [SOLVED] I9 9900kf W/ H310m (from asus)

    Hi, I9 9900KF (or only K) is compatible with H310M, but will I get bottleneck? Or it is safe?(VRM or smth) even that it is officially compatible i feel smth wrong, to build an I9 with H310M. Thanks. (Asus Prime h310m-e r2.0) (I have already H310m with i5 9400f)
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Upgrade hardware on windows 8.1 without a reinstall?

    I've had a PC I built for a few years now, and I'm looking to upgrade my old MB (MSI Z97 Gaming 5 to MSI z270 Gaming Pro Carbon), CPU (Intel i5-4590 to i7-7700k), and RAM. Besides the tedium of backing up and reorganizing my files, I also have a fair amount of old sotfware that I'm not sure I...
  11. Sova1Trick

    [SOLVED] CPU Compatibility

    Hello, I have a Asustek strix b250f gaming motherboard and I was wondering if there was anyway it would be compatible with the 9th Gen Intel i7 CPU? I did a quick google search and unfortunately it says on their website it supports only 7th and 6th Gen Intel CPUs. However, I have read online...
  12. Neko Lips

    Question I need to know what power supply I need

    Ok so I have ( PSU and I just got ( gpu...
  13. D

    Question Is this graphics card compatible with my motherboard?

    My motherboard is 2ABF would a GTX 1650 be compatible with it? My system is a HP Pro 3400 MT Intel core i5 2400 if not, what would be a good card that is compatible with my system? I have a stinky GT 530 in right now :disrelieved:. Please help Thank you
  14. iamjudebot

    [SOLVED] Can you build a PC with all new components except for the hard drive

    We currently have this HP ProDesk pre-built as a server and it needs upgrading. Could i take the hard drive from it and put into a new system? i'm willing to buy a new windows key for it i just need the configuration and files to be exactly the same because i dont want to mess up the networking...
  15. K

    Question Is Intel AC 9260 compatible with Asus Z390A

    I'm wondering 2 things: 1. Is either the M.2 slot or the PCI-E slot on the Asus Z390-A compatible with the connector of the Intel AC 9260. The specifications seem to say so but looking at the connector on the 9260 and the slots on the Asus Z390-A, they appear to be different. 2. The 9260 says...
  16. Caleb_Burton

    [SOLVED] Motherboard Compatibility

    My friend bought a PC that was custom built from a guy on the Facebook Marketplace. Everything ran fine for a while, but now we suspect that the motherboard is in need of replacing. His PC would turn on for a split second and then turn back off. The only time that the PC would remain on is if we...
  17. B

    Question hyper 212 evo on gigabyte x570 gaming x

    Not the rgb edition just the hyper 212 evo will it fit on this motherboard? i already have the cooler should i even try? or i will have issues with it
  18. T

    Question Motherboard x Video card compatibility

    Hey guys Im building a pc and wanted to know Is this motherboard and this videocard compatible?
  19. FlavMng87

    Build Advice New build compatibility

    Hi, I am new in pc building and I just finished to find every component for my build. I want a good pc gaming. (about 1100$) These are my components: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (AM4, 3.60GHz, 6-Core) Air cooler: (Come with the CPU) MOBO: MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX (AM4, AMD B450, ATX) GPU...
  20. jakobee

    Question B360 Compatability with 9th Gen CPU

    Hey, so about a year to a year and a half ago, I bought a B360 motherboard. Specifically a MSI Gaming Arctic B360. All this time it’s been sitting in my room and now I wanna continue my build. I was planning on getting a 9600K but i don’t know if my motherboard is BIOS updated for my CPU. Do i...