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  1. S

    Question Building a PC for competitive gaming + streaming (Fortnite)

    Hi guys, Im new to PC building and I'm looking to build a rig capable of maintaining a 200 +FPS while streaming. I basically starting from scratch and so I need everything, including OS, monitor, Keyb&mouse, etc. I have a budget of 3000$ CAD and I would really appreciate any guidance and help.
  2. T

    Win7 drive kept filling. How do I get space back

    I have had this problem for a while. 120gb ssd c drive filled up gigbytes quickly. I mean just hours. I refresh the computer window and the available space drops almost every refresh. I have 'fixed' it in the past. Googling this and that and using windirstat to view large files. I think it was...
  3. Zerrvr

    New Kaby Lake build, looking for a double check

    It's been around 5 years since I've built a PC, and I'm ready to come back swinging! All I need from you wonderful folks is a fresh pair of eyes on this build, to make sure I didn't do something drastically stupid. (PCPartPicker helped massively, but I still would like a once over, just in case)...