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  1. nxnje

    Question 144 Hz 1080p Monitor for competitive gaming

    Hello everyone. After building my new pc (I still didn't buy a GPU but I'm gonna do very soon) I wanted to buy a new 144hz screen. As I do not know if I'm gonna buy a rx5700xt or a 2060s/2070, I would like to buy a freesync monitor which is G-sync compatible as well, even looking for the future...
  2. T

    Lg g stylo or Moto g

    which is better to buy, the lg g stylo tmobile addition or the 1gb ram moto g, they're both 180 right now so if anyone has suggestions
  3. P

    Asus Q550 - Taking apart the screen

    My Asus Q550 has developed a screen flicker. Troubleshooting indicates that the problem is with the screen cable, and somewhere inside the screen itself. The only thing holding the screen together seems to be a very strong adhesive, and I am afraid of shattering the glass by trying to pry it...
  4. L

    4790k vs 5820k - Upgrade from fx8120 - gaming, editing and more

    hey ;) ►Question so I want to upgrade from my old fx-8120 to a 4790k/5820k. I mostly play games, but due to my youtube hobby I spent just as much time editing and rendering videos. I also love creating logos, backgrounds, ovelays etc. I mainly use AFTER EFFECTS, SONY VEGAS, Photoshop...