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  1. DanteSAOnfrio

    Discussion Motherboard in design project

    I'm an architecture student and this semester design project is an Arts and Design campus. I'm inspired by the similarities between the motherboard and a typical campus layout.For eg: Processor Socket: Admin (where decisions are made) Memory Slots: library,lab (stores quickly...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Chances PSU fried the system?

    Did something stupid after cleaning dust out of my PC. Forgot to turn the PSU switch to "Off". Proceeded to plug it in while the switch was on. Saw and heard a spark from the PSU power cable. The PSU power cable is connected to a strip into an outlet. I quickly unplugged everything, switched...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] RX570 4gb VS RX480 8gb

    Ok so i can buy a used RX 570 4gb for $160 or I can buy a RX480 8GB which has been mined on for $180... The card ran from September to June.. IT was said to have run at 45C and the core clock reduced is what I was told... Which would you buy? This graphics card will be paired with a I7-2600...
  4. M

    New HTPC/work PC

    One of my friends asked me to build a PC for him, the budget is £500 for everything including mouse, keyboard, speaker, monitor and OS. The PC will be used for watching movies as well as work, it's NOT for gaming as he already has an xbox, hence the HDMI switch. It must be Intel for unknown...
  5. X

    Data recovery from damaged SSD (Need a specific tool)

    As the title says I want to recover some Data from a damaged SSD, but this is a specific case. I know what I have to do, but I don't know which tool is able to do it, or if there even is one, so here goes: The SSD caused 2 system freezes, and after the second one I couldn't start Windows...