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  1. viecky

    Question GPU crash causes loss of display, but PC is on, all fans are spinning and lights are on ?

    GPU crash causes loss of display, but PC is on, all fans are spinning and lights are on. I've tried all fixes. PC Specifications: Mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawk (MS-7C02) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (6 Cores) with WraithSpire Cooler GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 - 6GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3200...
  2. The_Stormbringer

    Question PC takes several attempts to boot

    Hi, I am having this issue. My (desktop) computer takes several attempts to boot properly. When I try to turn on the PC, the CPU fan, the LED light of casing, and the casing fans do seem to run fine, but nothing is shown on the monitor. I am quite sure its not a graphics card issue since...
  3. baskaska_1

    Question My office build pc

    Hello! Could somebody check if my pc components are compatible? Or maybe some better changes? This PC is supposed to be an office PC for som programmes. CPU: Intel Core i5 - 11400F MB: MSI B560M Pro-VDH GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1650 D6 Ventus XS OCV1 RAM: Kingston FURY 8 GB KIT DDR4 3200 MHz CL16...
  4. VermilionNeko

    Question MSI GP62MVR 7RFX Back Panel

    Hi I'm not really expecting to get many suggestions here. I might also have to try the MSI Reddit forum. But what would others suggest about this... I still have my MSI GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro, and I can't really re-sell it either for one reason - the back panel (the side where the vents and...
  5. H

    Question would you recommend this build?

    Hi, I have recently been looking into updating my PC. To that end, I asked my brother, who knows more than I do, for a build. He recommended that I ask for your opinion as well. Do you think this build is recommendable? ( I'm looking for more of an...
  6. D

    Question Gaming PC build advice

    Hello, My old computer is getting old, so I decided to buy a new one. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with choosing the right components and would need the best advice. The PC should be mainly used to play more demanding games - (Cyberpunk, RDR2, Kingdom come) at least on medium details with...
  7. kmarcin001

    Question Set-up to $700 + graphics card I have

    Hi, For the last 3 days, I've been choosing components for a new computer in my free time. I tried to make sure everything was compatible, with a CPU to GPU bottleneck of 0-5%, etc. The only thing that doesn't quite fit is the M.2 memory, which isn't on the official list of compatible...
  8. A

    Question Need Help Building PC with old parts

    So I have some spare parts that are still it pretty good condition. I decided not to sell them and re-use them to build a system to give to my little sister who wants a PC but parents this year can't spend money on a brand new one. Hence why I offered if possible to build a PC from old parts I...
  9. F

    Question ASUS VG27AQ yellowish tint

    My Asus VG27AQ (right monitor) has a yellowish tint compared to my Acer VG2460Y (left side). Is my monitor or broken or there are some monitors like this one? I already tried playing with the color temp but I can't still get rid of the yellowish tint. How do I fix this? Thank you! View...
  10. V

    Question New Gaming PC

    Hey Guys, so i want to Upgrade my Computer. My CPU broke some time ago and now i want to get new parts. I still have a RTX 2080, everything else (excluding PSU, Case, Harddrives) is what i need some help with. So my limit is 900 Euro ( Lower would be good ofc) and i want to play games like...
  11. K

    Question Question about the parts I'm collection for my new PC

    Hey guys. I am currently building my first gaming pc and I am gathering parts as of now. I'm right before buying them but I want your opinion if these parts are good together regarding bottleneck or any other of these stuff. Here are the parts: CPU - intel i5-11400f GPU - gtx 1660ti OC RAM...
  12. T

    Question First Build in 20+ years Hoping for some sound advice

    Hello all, I was hoping the awesome folks here could give me advice on my build since it has been ages since I've done this before. I want to make certain there aren't any conflicts within the build and that the parts I've chosen are of sound quality. The build is linked below; any and all...
  13. ZihengZz

    Question FPS is low in Valorant ?

    Hi. My build is Ryzen 7 5800X3D, ROG Strix 3080 12GB and 16GB 3600 ram. I am having 300-400 fps in valorant. While my friend is just rocking a i5-12600 and a 3060, he almost have the same FPS as i have. And when I switch between low and high graphics settings I still get the same FPS. May I know...
  14. R

    Question will ASUS TUF GT501 black be good for adding more storage drive(HDD) in the near future?

    Hi, I'm thinking to buy this case and a little worried about my drives. i have 4 HDDs so i followed specs here and it said 4x3.5" combos. you know its for productivity purpose. in the near future i...
  15. Arber2334

    Question PC just freezes everytime i start a game ?

    Hello everyone I need some help with my pc, the pc just freezes & i can’t do anything and I have to power off after. CPU: i5-9400 Mobo: asrock b365 pro 4 RAM: 24 gb GPU: rtx 3050 PSU: 600 w thermaltake Windows 10 Please help, what could be the problem here ?
  16. G

    Question BIOS can't find HDD and SSD

    First some info before it has happened: I've wanted to screw the MOBO in, because I've noticed that the screws have been a bit loose. I don't think that this caused the problem, but I'm going to put this info here just in case. After I was done with that I powered the PC on. This is when the...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] Motherboard died

    Hi everyone, approx. 6 years ago I bought a computer that I needed for graphic design and 3D design. I didn't know anything about computers back then, I just told which programs I use and they build me a (gaming) computer and it worked perfectly. The only thing I had to replace last year was...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Which one should i get? Asus TUF Gaming GT501(black) vs be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

    Asus TUF Gaming GT501 be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900
  19. H

    Question BIOS update problem. Concerned about other parts.

    Hi. I recently tried to update my ASRock A320M-HDV motherboard bios version. I previously had version P1.30 and tried updating to 3.40. The update finished successfully but afterwards it never rebooted properly. Booting up only shows a black screen. I am not too sure what the problem is. I...
  20. Purelyabot

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my pc, help!

    In need of an upgrade and I don't know what would be the smartest move to make, your help is much appreciated! My build: Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler: NZXT Kraken X52 Motherboard: Asus RS B550-f GAMING (Wifi) Memory: Corsair Vengence LPX 16 GB (3000 mhz) Video Card: Gigabyte GAMING OC Rx 5700...
  21. IcePic

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't POST after adding a GPU ?

    Hi ! So I bought basically a new pc put keeping parts from the previous one (power supply, hard drives, gpu) and I have a really weird issue with my new setup. the computer boots just fine and I can access the bios when the gpu is not there. But when I add it, nothing posts... all black no...
  22. nusuntbubu

    [SOLVED] Pc lag

    I have i5 9400f,rx470 4gb asus strix and 8gb ram ddr 4 2400mhz and in fortnite and warzone is so laggy
  23. nusuntbubu

    [SOLVED] System check

    I5 9400 with rx 470 any bottelneck My resolution is 1680x1050
  24. I

    [SOLVED] I need help deciding on picks for a brand new PC, and would like some opinions on parts and choices. Anyone who can help?

    Hello there, wasn't sure if this should be posted as a question or discussion, but ultimately decided the former as that is what I originally wanted this post to be. It might be a slightly lengthy post, because I have a little explanation to do and a lot of pieces to gather opinions about. To...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade

    Hello people, I am looking to upgrade my system and was wondering what would make the biggest impact. My build is a few years old, but it still decent I believe. Motherboard Asus P8P67 Intel Core i7-2600 @3.4 Ghz (O.C to 4.0 Ghz) CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO 4x4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM @1333 Mhz...
  26. R

    [SOLVED] Pc Build Question

    Looking to upgrade my Pc for 144p gaming. will a rtx 3060 ti FE , ryxen 3600x be enough ? or do i need kore powerful gpu also is my b3 550 psu gonna be able enough?
  27. P

    [SOLVED] Any suggestions for better parts?

    Hey there, I'm building a new PC, finally upgrading from my beloved FX8350, I've got my 5900x on the way and should be getting it next week, I've put together this parts list, it's pretty high spec, I don't need a GPU at the minute, what are your guys thoughts...
  28. Alex39

    Question What components do you think I should upgrade or should I just build a new PC.

    I currently use my PC for mainly gaming My current specs are … i5-6500, GTX 1060 6GB, 8gb ddr4 , H110M-S2H-CF, 500gb Samsung 860 EVO Thanks for any response
  29. E

    Question Need Help Choosing Components (1500€ budget range approx.)

    Hello everyone I hope you're doing well. I'd like to build a desktop PC, but I have no clue what components to buy since I've been out of tune regarding price/ performance ratio for a few years. I'm thinking about getting one of the new RTX 3000's series (RTX 3080 to be precise), but they are...
  30. M

    Question PC powers on and then off after 2-3 seconds

    I thought this was an issue with my power supply so I bought a new PSU (RM 850x) and this is still happening. I also considered it might be due to overheating so I installed the H115i and it still seems to happen. Yesterday after installing the new components it happened again but the 2nd or...
  31. M3ll0y

    [SOLVED] cpu upgrade

    Hi,I have old Dell optiplex 745 with broken cpu and I want replace it for core2 quad q9450 but after turn on it dont give output just black screen and maxed out fan.I let it run about 1 hour in case bios trying to identify new cpu but nothing. If chipset didnt support this cpu it should show...
  32. M

    Question Dell Inspiron does not start -- no power indicator on laptop

    I have Dell inspiron 5559 and I am having exact same issue as this one. I short, when I connect my adapter to my laptop, it does not turn ON. The adapter has green LED on its brick which turns ON when I connect it to main power supply. So, at least adapter brick is getting power. But dont know...
  33. Stefan2431

    [SOLVED] Is this build compatible?

    PCU:Corsair TX650M 80+ gold GPU:Windforce RTX 2060/2060 super CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Motherboard:Gigabyte b550 gaming x RAM:HyperX 16gb 3200mhz SSD:1tb+240gb Case:Aqirys rigel argb
  34. Y

    [SOLVED] Is it okay not to ground your PC

    Well i know for a fact that my pc isnt grounded properly as i get minor shocks when i touch the case with bare foot, my question is due to lockdown all over the place, getting an electrician is tough right now , will there be any other negative effects on my pc except for minor shocks when...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] Parts compatibility for NZXT H1 Mini-ITX

    Hi all, Building my first PC and have decided to use the NZXT H1 as the case. I've got a list of potential products which all seem to be fine together but just wanted to double check here. Particularly in terms of physical restrictions of the case but also i.e. matching ram speed to processor...
  36. K

    [SOLVED] Will this work?

    Hello, i beg you, are these components together allright? AMD Ryzen 5 1600 12nm GIGABYTE B450 GAMING X - AMD B450 HyperX Fury Black 8GB DDR4 3200 Seasonic Energy Knight SS-500ET T3 - 500W Crucial MX500, 2,5" - 500GB Gainward 1050 ti 4GB DDDR5 case Evolveo T3 The only "issue" I'm aware of is...
  37. Seabass101

    Question Which is better Corsair or EVGA

    Hi, I was wondering if EVGA FX12 fans are better then the Corsair ML120 Premium Magnetic Levitation fans and why? So from a Performance standpoint with is better performing when used on a PC build?
  38. M

    [SOLVED] Used case i5 9400F with Gtx 1660 for 420$

    Hi, Specs: rgb case Core i5-9400F Gtx 1660 ti 240gb ssd Psu 650W rgb Motherboard gigabyte H310M 8 GB ram I want to buy this used pc for 420$,do you think it is a good deal, especially that the component age is one year only. BTW we have an inflation problem in our country (Lebanon) so the...
  39. minuciosos

    Question Slows so much after rebooting, and still slow after a formating.

    As the tittle says , yesterday i did shutdown the computer,because I thought I was going to be out home for a long time, today I started it again, and...problem, everything is slowed to the max, youtube videos, keeps slowing, games? keeps slows forever(it says i have 200 fps, but i have 15-20...
  40. Wizg1107

    [SOLVED] PC wont POST no matter what!

    I just don't know... All I remember was shutting down the PC to remove the AIO Cooler to apply new thermal paste. After I turned it back on it wouldn't boot. At first I thought it was the Mobo. So I Rma'd for a new one . Still wouldn't post. I RMA'd the CPU, PSU, and a different memory sticks...