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  1. tthetutorial

    [SOLVED] Is it possible for upgrading prebuilt pc

    Hi, I currently have a hp pavilion 590-p0044 desktop, it is running a: Ryzen 5 2400G 12gb of ddr4 2666 ram Onboard graphics card 180W (china power supply) 2 hard drives of 500gb HDD On a motherboard (sunflower??) I am wondering could I move my prebuilt to a different case, change the PSU, and...
  2. A

    Question System gets stuck for few seconds and then back to normal

    Hi, there has been these persistent issue in my system where everything get stuck for few seconds and gets back to normal. I have tried all diagnostics on my hard drive, ram, graphic card, cpu and nothing shows any problem as all checks have been passed. this happens during gaming specially and...
  3. Zeccah

    Question Upgrading My CPU/MOBO/RAM - Will I Have Any Troubles?

    Current PC: CPU/MOBO/RAM - Upgrade: Will I run into any compatibility issues, or have any troubles upgrading?
  4. L

    Question What Should I upgrade?

    Heres my current PC specs: Motherboard - Gigabyte z97-HD3 CPU - Intel I5-4690K Overclocked to 4.3GHz Graphics Card - NVIDIA GTX 960 PCU - Corsair 600W RAM - 8GB DDR3 Just wondering what I should upgrade as my PC is very stuttery on games such as Warzone even on very low graphics!
  5. folksrust

    Question I need help with upgrading please <3

    Hi! my name is Korben :)) Ive saved up money for ages now and today was my 18th birthday haha I have £520 or around 600-700 US Dollars I would like to upgrade my computer, My current rig consists of AS ROCK B450M-HDV, gtx1060 3gb, amd ryzen 5 2600, 16 gb 3000 mhz corsair vengeance and I would...
  6. M

    Question Buying the right components?

    Hey there! I'm upgrading my PC and was wondering if everything would work together. (or any tips in saving money) Components are clickable (urls) I'm buying: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Videocard: Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Pulse Motherboard: ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 RAM: Crucial Ballistix...
  7. konohamaru

    Question PC randomly freezes followed by buzzing sound

    This usually happens during a game of league of legends but has also happened when I'm not playing a game/doing anything intensive at all. Sometimes the buzzing continues infinitely with the screen frozen on whatever it was on, requiring a manual restart. Other times it will buzz for 2 seconds...
  8. RageLeon

    Question Building a new pc (400-500Eur)

    I already have two hard drives(one hdd other one ssd), a power supply and a case. What other components would you recommend in order to build a fast gaming-work pc that fits my budget (400-500 Eur)?
  9. O

    Question Can I use Pentium G3258 stock cooler with Xeon e3 1231 v3?

    I've bought a xeon 1231 v3 off ebay thats coming soon. I've been using the pentium g3258 with the stock cooler for several years now. Can I use the pentium cooler for the xeon? If I can, I have to remove the old thermal paste from it then put new paste on the xeon right? prob not needed but...
  10. SpacEagle17

    Question First Pc build

    Hello, I want to build my first pc (gaming) but I don't have a high budget ( 400€ - 430€ germany). I've spend a lot of time searching and comparing pc pieces and I think I have found good ones. I'm not an expert (more a noob) so could you please look if my chooses are good. I do have a Pc part...
  11. O

    Question need advice on upgrade

    I want to upgrade my cpu for better performance in fortnite. $200 max. I looked on pcpartpicker and it seems not too many cards are compatible with my motherboard. Im thinking the i5-4690k but its old. Will that be okay? If not, any CPU upgrade suggestions under 200? Will I have to get a new...
  12. N

    Question PC getting shutdown suddenly

    Hello Guys, my pc getting off suddenly. When I switched on at first then after running 5 to 10 mins it's getting switched off (only monitor goes off but cpu is running ), after restarting the pc there is no problem no switching off even I play high end game (2.3 hr no matter). Next day the same...
  13. Dan4758

    Question No power to any ports

    I was playing games on my pc when it shut itself off. Ever since the computer will turn on but it won't give power to any port of any kind front or back. My motherboard has an easy debug light system on it, the cpu light lights up everytime I power on the pc for a few seconds then the light turn...
  14. N


    Hello so about a month ago i replaced my HDD with a new one and after that in every game i would get massive lag spikes that i never got before so again i replaced that HDD but the same issue presits i never got these lag spikes before so i need help is it my HDD causing this? Or did i damage...
  15. G

    Question Looking to upgrade, best recomendations

    So Im looking to upgrade the components for my PC, However i am also aware i will need to upgrade my moniter as well in order to really see the boost. I am noticing recently, that im struggling to maintain 60 frames with the recomended settings that NVIDIA gives via its GEFORCE experience app...
  16. D

    Question $2k(CAD) Build Help

    im looking to get a new PC around 2k after taxes. i was looking at the 9700k and a 2070 super card. I dont need a power supply or windows since i already have that in a old PC and will just transfer those into a new PC. I like the look of the nzxt 510 case but did read some cons about air flow...
  17. Mockss

    [SOLVED] can't control front fans speed

    context - today i moved my setup into a new case ( corsair icue 220t rgb airflow) im up and running all good but my front fans are clearly running full speed and i have no way of changing them. in bios i have option of cpu fan , system fan 2 and 1 , 1 is my back fan but 2 which in my old case...
  18. V

    Question my pc is running like a potato in easy to run games and i don't know what the cause is

    i have recently just upgraded my mobo, cpu, ram, and cooler, and after i swapped out my old parts for my new ones my games would run and while im mid game, textures would start flying across the map and eventually my game would just lock at 4fp for the rest of the game until i restart it and my...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] I'm looking to build my first pc tomorrow and I've put together this build list

    I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions and I'm also just making sure that all the parts are compatible. Heres the build:
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Will it bottleneck?

    Hello! So i've been thinking of upgrading my specs recently, the current specs i'm running is this: I7 7700K GTX 1080 TI 32 GB RAM 3000MHZ ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX And i'm thinking of upgrading everything besides the GPU. So the specs i'm upgrading to is this: I9 9900KS (KS version) 32 GB RAM...