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  1. J

    Question New Ryzen 3000 build. Any advice?

    HI, I'm planning to build a new PC soon and I was wondering if anyone had some advice/remarks on the components. I'm currently looking at: CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Boxed Motherboard MSI X470 Gaming PRO CARBON PSU Corsair HX850 V2 RAM Corsair RGB 32GB 3600MHZ GPU GTX 1070 (from my...
  2. M

    Build Advice Need help building a computer $700-$600 in 2019 ?

    i Need help for building good computer for gaming and programming $700-$600 in 2019 ?
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Need build advice for gaming rig

    Hi, I'm going to build a gaming pc for my little brother but I need help to find parts, and I hope someone can help. Budget 1.138,91 €
  4. tazbeast

    Discussion Base build I have. Any recs?

    I went to pc price piker and came up with this list. I was thinking about doing this build but was wondering if there was something better for best bang for my buck. Keep in mind I will be buying a 2070 for this build. Should I wait for the zen 2 and get 3600? PCPartPicker Part List...
  5. I

    Question More than one problem, need help ASAP

    So, I added an additional 4 GB of RAM to my PC, and here's the problem. For example, I can start my PC today and I'd have 8 GB of RAM, then if I start my computer tomorrow, I'll have 4 GB RAM, then it can continue for a few days and go back to 8 GB. Another problem I have is that I can't turn...
  6. N

    Question Resistor film chipping

    Hi All ! I hope ye are keeping well ! I have recently received a board for my electronics hobby and some of the outer film on the PTH resistors seem to be chipped. The metal casing underneath is showing. I assume the resistors are not populated into the board in this condition. I assume it...
  7. Dylan Mullaney

    Build Advice Please Help System Lag/Shut down new pc

    Hi, I’m hoping to get some help on an issue in having. I just build a new pc and I notice when I boot up the pc the first time my system has a lot of lag. Sometimes when gaming , it’ll either close my application or completely shut down to a blue windows screen. If I restart the pc one-two...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] i3 6100 vs G4560 pair with RX570 [Temporary]

    Hi, I am new to Tom's Hardware, may I ask which CPU is better to pair with RX 570 temporary? I can get i3 6100 for 36 bucks or G4560 for 60 bucks. I am currently using G4400 with 2 Cores/2Threads, on Gigabyte H110M - DS2 motherboard. Thanks for your time.
  9. M

    [SOLVED] What to upgrade more for streaming

    I have now a Case: Sharkoon vg4-w CPU: I5-6600k MOTHERBOARD: Asrock H170 performance COOLER: Cooler master hyper 212 evo RAM: Kingston hyperx 16 GB 2133mhz GPU: 1060 6G windforce PSU: Corsair CX650M I,m going tot upgrade CPU: I7-9700K Case: Masterbox mb520 MOTHERBOARD: MSI MPG z390 gaming...
  10. C

    Question 700$ Ryzen 5 build help

    Hey guys I was looking to build a ryzen 5 pc and would like to overclock it. Please recommend me your builds. Also in my previous computer i had a cheap mobo and it gave me a lo of problems so I would prefer a good motherboard. I live in india so every thing here is 15% costlier than in the USA...
  11. X

    Question Computer Crashing Randomly

    I have a descent pc that for some reason is crashing way too often, probably once an hour while gaming. I recently upgraded and since then these crashes have taken place. I have a 1070 which i'm almost certain is in perfect condition condition. I also have a Z370 asrock Taichi and an I5 8600k...
  12. I

    Question Upgrade with current motherboard

    Hi, I am planing to make an upgrade to my PC with used parts. I have Gigabyte p35 ds4 as motherboard. I am planing to get: -4x 2gb 1200 Mhz Rams -Intel - Core 2 Extreme QX9770 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor -Seagate - Barracuda Compute 250 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive About the graphics card I want to...
  13. X

    Question Overclocked RAM now display won't turn on

    I tried overclock my ram by just changing the MHz in the bios (ab350 Mobo) and it was fine for the day but eventually froze. I went to change it back to it's regular speed and it was fine for most of the day and then froze again. Today I tried turn on my PC and it turns on but there isn't any...
  14. N

    Question CPU/GPU bottle neck...which to attack first?

    Hi, I recently built a new system with the main components spec'ed below. The CPU and Ram were bought new while the GPU's were recycled from my last rig. Since I recently started to play anthem alongside a few multiple instances of mobile games through an android emulator like Nox or...
  15. N

    Question pc upgrade help

    Hello i am looking to make some upgrades to my old build, i am looking to buy upgrades here and there just need a nudge in the right direction. specs: CPU: intel i5- 6500 Cooler: cooler master hyper 212 evo GPU: msi gtx 1050ti 4g MOBO: msi b150m mortar LGA 1151 micro atx Memory: hyperx fury...
  16. R

    Question PC Upgranding

    Hi, I’m gonna upgrade a bunch of parts in my PC such as motherboard, RAM etc. However I will not be changing HDD or SSD’s which currently contain my Windows on etc. If I changed any of these will I lose my files or have to reinstall Windows? Thanks
  17. D

    Question Pc randomly turned off!

    My gaming pc just randomly turned off I’ve had it for around 4 years but always kept up on thermal paste and cleaning it I was currently playing gta v and it suddenly turned off, I let it rest for 15 mins and tried to power up again and I seen it literally flame up and seen the motherboard burn...
  18. F

    Question Substitute for SMD part uP1959PDN8

    I have a msi gtx 1080 video card where a mosfet driver is burnt. the part number is uP1959PDN8, I can not find it online to order, anyone may know substitute/alternative to this mosfet driver. Posted in Miscellaneous because i am new here and dont know where to post. Here is the link to its...
  19. P

    Question What would i upgrade first in my pc build?

    I'm not the best when it comes to upgrading so i'd like to know what i should do. Like which i should prioritize upgrading and then maybe what i should try to upgrade later. ty :D Specs: Ryzen 7 1700 Geforce gtx 1050 ti 8gb g skill ram (2x4) msi b350m motherboard
  20. vsneou

    Question My future build-AMD Ryzen

    Somewhere in the future, I plan to make this build- Here is my current build- Is there anything I could modify in my "future build" such as a better motherboard or something. I plan for my future build to be for gaming...