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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Are there any PCIe/M.2 to RAM (DIMM) adapter out there?

    I don't know of any PCIe or M.2 to RAM (DIMM) adapters, so I would like to know if anybody here knows of such a thing. I am talking about PCIe/M.2 to DIMM adapters, not the DIMM to PCIe adapters that allow RAM to work over the PCIe bus (inherently at a slower rate/higher latency). Also, I am...
  2. M

    Help about buying a mid range older GPU

    Hi! Here is my configuration, and i am trying to find to buy some better graph than the one that i am using now (nvidia geforce gt220) My Pc is older, and i need your help becouse i am buying online, and it will be bad to buy something that i dont need and waste my money! i have CPU-intel...