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  1. C

    Question Need help identifying a part (Solved)

    Hello there! I have had a laptop handed to me by family to repair. The SSD's were shot so I replaced them no problem. I put it back together and was preparing to reinstall windows when there was a strange vibrating noise coming from next to the battery. I opened it up and saw the part that...
  2. hemikolv

    Question Where to find a replacement mosfet (or whatever it is) for ASRock 775i65G motherboard ?

    Hi. I got burnt mosfet (or whatever it is in picture) and i can't find by these words. It looks like a mosfet and there are two names: "s43" and "p63" Photo of this mosfet is here: . Does anybody know what it is by specs...
  3. T

    Question My hard-drive corrupted & replaced - is this a good alternative?

    Hello, my PC Tower had to be sent to PC Specialist because something was corrupted in the hardware. Apparently, it was the harddrive that my monitor kept booting up to the BIOS system. I just got an email from them today notifying me that they've replaced the component with another harddrive...
  4. D

    Question Picking a B550 motherboad

    Hello, I'm building a new pc and it has come the time to choose the right motherboard. I went with B550 but I can't figure out which one is the best of them. There is gigabyte, asus, msi and different models and so on. Any help would be appreciated :)
  5. J

    Question RGB fans don't show any light after i installed the last one

    Hi there! I bought a set of 6 rgb fans which contains an rgb controller. everytime i installed one i would test it to verify that it worked and the first 4 worked(including the lights) but after the fifth or sixth fan, the lights turned on once and after 0.5 seconds, they stopped working and...
  6. binary420

    Question help identify this pcb component?

    This has gotta cost like a dime, and yet a replacement board would entail losing my original vin and would cost like ~$500 So I'd very much appreciate anyone's help in identifying this pcb part. It's very small and appears to be tan/brown colored? (The one circled in white) I believe it's...
  7. Pijmzhchus

    Question Is it safe to transport a GPU this way?

    My sister is going home and she will be taking my GPU with her. She doesnt have anti-static bag or original box. I told her to wrap it inside 2 paper bags and sandwich it between clothes making sure there isnt too much pressure around it. Is this a safe to transport a GPU like this? Thanks!
  8. Xmias3

    Question Weird noise like static but very low when gaming

    My pc specs: B450 tomahawk max 750w g+ evga 80plus gold Rtx 3070 ti Msi gaming trio 2x8 g.skill Amd Ryzen 5 3600 I recently changed my components from a Gtx 1650 super, 600w 80+ no bronze just normal to my current set up. What I discovered after playing games with my new setup which never...
  9. N

    Question Maximus hero viii broken rezistor!

    I have a Asus Maximus hero viii with an broken resistor, it looks like a resistor and outputs half of the electrical value for one I'm not sure it is one. I try contacting Asus about where I can get a replacement they replied they don't supply parts for the motherboard or know where I can get...
  10. K

    Question How much wattage of UPS is enough for my PC build?

    PC BUILD: Monitor: Asus TUF gaming VG259QR and HP LV1911 CPU - Ryzen 3600x GPU - 1070ti RAM - Tforce 16GB RGB RAM MOBO - MSI B450m Gaming Plus PSU - 620 Watts Hey guys! I need your help. I live in an area where power outage is common and I'm fearing that these sudden outages might kill my...
  11. I

    Question Installed a new stock cooler, now my computer won't boot ?

    really weird problem im having maybe you can help me solve the case specs : b450- f rog strix gtx 2070 Super Ryzen 5 3600 1gb ssd psu 600w corsair everything powers on because of the rgb ( motherboard,keyboard,mouse,ram, cpu,gpu) but i get only a black screen not even a bios logo. I tested...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Suggestions?

    Hello THW community! I am currently looking to upgrade my PC this month. Keep in mind that all of these prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and I play on 1080p 144 hz monitor. I am currently running a ryzen 5 3600 with a 1660 and I mainly play games like WoW and CS GO (I am aware that these...
  13. J

    Question Is it perfectly safe to put a hard disk drive back into my computer? Is it also fine to put in a brand new SSD in an old motherboard?

    I took out my WD Blue 1TB hard disk drive a few months back. I tried to connect it to my current PC but it wouldn't show up. Not even in BIOS. I'm about to reconnect it to my old PC. Everything should run properly I'm assuming? Is there anything I should be concerned about when it comes to...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] PC Weak link

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of information and even if it might be boring to read it might help to understand my problem. I have played World of Warcraft for a long time. And my pc could never handle it. I always had to lower the settings in order to receive an optimal performance. The final...
  15. D

    Question Need help troubleshooting CPU_LED after weird crash.

    Today I encountered a problem with my PC, and I don't know if this will help but I will write down exactly what happened just incase it makes it easier to solve for someone. So first I've had this same computer since 2015; Asus z97-a Intel i7 4790k Msi gtx 970 gaming 4G , Corsair 16gb 2x8GBcl9...
  16. G

    Question In need of a new graphics card.

    Dear people, I'm looking to upgrade my setup a bit. Really struggling to get around 100+ fps on Warzone and other games. I run a triple monitor setup at 2560x1440 - 165hz. Current specs as per below. CPU Intel core i7 @ 3.7 GHZ Coffee Lake RAM 16 GB Dual Channel@ 1500 MHz Motherboard...
  17. R

    Question PC won't boot :(

    Hey, so i removed my graphics card from my pc to make some tests in another computer, but when came the time to put it back in my pc, no image at all.. I tried integrated graphics and a GTX 1650 but still no image. I removed cmos battery for 5 minutes but nothing again. I put the gpu in another...
  18. M

    Question Upgrading my pc

    Hi, my current specs are CPU: intel g4400 Mobo: gigabyte b250m ds3h RAM: adata 8gb ddr4 SMPS & GPU: Nil I've been planning on learning something on my pc and I'm particularly fond of Unreal Engine. I need to meet atleast the minimum requirements to run it. I'm on a tight budget so I'm not...
  19. Sk1eZ

    [SOLVED] What do you guys think about this build ? it is mostly for gaming, but also some school work. there is no budget really, but the cheaper the better it is. if anybody has recommendations for changes in this configuration, please feel free to comment :) thank you!
  20. B

    [SOLVED] PC making buzzing/electrical sound but when ı touch the case it stops

    When ı entered a game like Forza 4 ,witcher 3, world war z, cs:go, valorant etc. etc. etc. pc making a buzzing/electrical sound but if ı touch the case it stops(continuously), pushing the psu cable into the case it stops(continuously), and I folded the paper and put it under the left front foot...
  21. fahrinj

    [SOLVED] Which Component Should I Upgrade??

    Hye, my pc so slowwww when i try to open any app it could take time like 20 second or above.. and I wanna upgrade it but idk which component I should upgrade my pc spec Processor: Intel i3 4150 3.5ghz 2 core 4 thread Gpu: Gtx 750ti 2gb Ram: hyperX 8GBx1 Apacer 2GBx1 Hard Drive: HDD Toshiba...
  22. Jahck

    [SOLVED] Gpu having power and fps drops

    Hi everyone, i need some help... this is my first post so go easy on me xd well basicly it turns out that for a week and a half, my computer has had a recurring problem in terms of performance. In games, whether online or offline and with low or high gamma, my pc is giving me fps drops where...
  23. Recker Code-1

    Question 5400Rpm Hdd

    Can I run GTA 5 and GTA 5 online very smoothly? Ignore the loading time of games. I have a i5 8th gen 8300h and GTX 1050 (4gb) with 5400rpm hdd and 16gb ram 2400mhz (dual channel). I have played Witcher3 on very high setting at 60fps no lags, no stutter, butter smooth gameplay.
  24. D

    [SOLVED] I need help about my computer's slowness

    Hello, I bought my computer about 2 years ago, it was brand new and prebuilt. From the beginning it was slow and I hoped it would get better, but it stayed the same. My system crashed the first year I bought it, we installed a new system and it still was slow. I installed a new system a couple...
  25. KillerPriest04

    [SOLVED] Reviving my old PC need suggestions on components to use for a Budget build?

    Hi All, I have below components with me which I want to use mainly to build a budget gaming PC mainly focused for weekend gaming and entertainment purpose. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 Processor: Intel Pentium G4400 RAM: Generic brand 4GB DDR4 HDD: Western Digital 500GB HDD Monitor: Dell...
  26. Xavierol1

    [SOLVED] Upgrade or New Build

    I previously built my current PC as my other one died and I had to budget pretty hard on so it's not really what I want, I'm unsure whether I will sell it and build a brand new one or try to upgrade but I think I'm slightly limited on how much I can actually upgrade. I haven't looked too much...
  27. B

    [SOLVED] What to buy budget 500€

    Hello! Im feeling the need to upgrade my CPU as i mostly play fivem and im always falling through the map and having no textures. Right now im rocking this: I5 7500 Crucial Technology CT16G4DFD8213.M16FA 16GB x2 (32 gigs 2133 i think) Cooler CPU NOX Hummer h 212 Corsair CV 650 MSI 1060 6GB MSI...
  28. H

    [SOLVED] Help for Mining machine building with GTX 1070 TI

    Hello, I have NVIDIA GTX 1070 TI that is kinda wasted on me because I only watch movie and play light game so it never reach more than 2 GB out of 16 GB. so i want to build another PC just for mining. Since I heard mining does not need a good CPU or RAM and only need a decent GPU. I thought I...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] I plugged in a 6V motor on the USB port of my Laptop and suddenly my laptop becomes turns off. After turning on, that USB doesn't work except on mouse

    I plugged in a 6V motor on the USB port of my Laptop and suddenly my laptop turns off. After turning on, that USB is no loger working except only the mouse. I reinstalled the USB driver, disabled the suspended power setting in power setting option but nothing happens. What to do now?
  30. X

    [SOLVED] Building a Budget PC

    Good evening, I would like to build a budget PC for office and for some gaming, I don't want to go overzealous with the budget, but in the £100-£200 price range, but I am not sure which parts to buy that is within said budget, I don't mind buying certain parts which are used, now I have heard...
  31. Thundurh

    Question Graphics Crash

    I have had an issue with crashing while playing intensive games with my gaming rig since around 2017. The games crash in one of two ways each time. Either a light green/brown-looking blank screen fills my monitor, the light on my graphics card turns off for a second, then my computer will...
  32. K

    [SOLVED] Best components for my build ?

    Im new to pc building and im not 100% sure this are the best parts for my build. The budget is 1700€ Is there something you would change from my build ? if so, why ? I would also like to know if i should get a cpu cooler or is the stock cooler from the 5600X enough ? Here is the build...
  33. Imerci

    [SOLVED] Whats keeping my cyberpunk fps low?

    My specs are: B450 Aorus Elite (Motherboard) AMD 3 Ryzen 3100 4 core processor (Cpu) Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 Corsair Cx Series 550 watt 80+ Bronze certified T-Force Dark Z 16gb (2 8gb) 3200 mhz ddr4 My monitor is: - Asus Tuf Gaming 144hz, 23.8" In the lowest settings possible I've been...
  34. V

    [SOLVED] Need hardware suggesion for 60fps gaming on 900p monitor

    I have a 1600x900p monitor and my curren system is: Intel Core i3 4160 gskill ripjaws 2x4gb ddr3 1600 MSI Gaming GTX 750ti 2gb gddr5 Gigabyte b85m d3h antec vp450 corsair gaming spec 3 wd green 240gb sata ssd 2.5' I want to play Valhala/RDR2/2077 and other upcoming games with good fps. I don't...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] i5 6600k. time for an upgrade?

    So i have a i5 6600k with z170 viii ranger and 16gb 2400 cl14 ram alongside a 980 ti sc+ acx 2.0 and a 1080p 144hz monitor. I think this system it's struggling with new games as it stresses the cpu and is mostly on 70-100 % usage on games (warzone 100%) and my question is : should i upgrade...
  36. U

    Question Gaming Pc randomly shutting down while playing games

    So im having this issue that has started recently that is causing games like Escape from Tarkov or Red Dead when under load to randomly start shutting my PC down no blue screen no error nothing. Im not sure if it is the PSU which i think could be the problem however i just built this PC in...
  37. StrageOne

    [SOLVED] AMF FX 6350 (3,9 GHz) Running only on 1,4 GHz

    Hello so, I have 5 years old, and some months ago my CPU started running on only 1,4 GHz. I dont know what to do. So please, if anyone know what to do please help me. MY PC: CPU: AMD FX 6350 GPU: AMD RADEON R7 370 Series RAM: 8GB DDR3 PROBABLY HYPERX MOTHERBOARD: MSI 970 Gaming
  38. N

    [SOLVED] Should I buy a new SSD? And if so, how do I migrate my C: files onto the new SSD?

    Hi! I am looking for different opinions. I have a custom-built computer with Intel i7, Nvidia gtx1060 and 125GB SSD + 1TB HDD disk. This is all built on the older generation of sockets, as it was built in 2016. Now, I am running short with my SSD storage. I only have windows 10 there (and I try...
  39. Lord Huntington

    [SOLVED] Any input on this build?

    Hello, I recieved some great help here the last time I was building a PC and so I thought I would come back here the second time as well. Long story short, I no longer have access to my old PC and I need a new one. I got some help from a friend in IT who helped me put together a list of parts...
  40. Thudpull

    Question Trying to test my motherboard Rog Strix x570-e

    Hi guys! I need your help. I'm missing 2 vital components to properly test my motherboard: CPU (currently on back order: Ryzen 7 5800x) GPU (currently on pre-order: Radeon 6800xt) The components I have: Mobo: ASUS Rog Strix x570-e RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RGB 32Gb M.2 : WD Black...