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    Question Are my components working properly?

    After suffering games having low performance from what i thought would do a good job, i decided to do a benchmark on userbenchmarks because my games were getting slower as they were running for longer and i've seen others with the same components get higher more consistent framerates...
  2. C

    Question GTX 1050 ti vs GTX 1050 OC

    Which one is better? Thanks!
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Requesting advice to check of any issues before I buy the parts and build my Rig.

    I'm planning to build a mid-tier gaming pc, and I'd to know if there are any issues that I didn't spot (its my 1st time building my own pc). Here's the pc part picker link: Feel free to make any suggestions or changes to it, and thanks in advance!
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Can you check my build to see if it's going to run into any throttling?

    Hey guys Please take a look at my current build first: Mobo: asus z170-k cpu: i3-6100 gpu: asus strix gtx 950 oc Ram: 2 × g.skill ripjaws V 4GB And a 700 watt psu It's a quite old gaming rig now and I am going to upgrade the gpu to an RTX 2060 and add a new ram stick and cpu. But that raises a...
  5. C

    Question Headset Mic doesnt work on my PC

    Hi. So I have a problem with my headset and windows recognizes there is one mic, but I can't get it working, I've tried reinstalling drivers and restarting a bunch of times. The mic however works on another PC, and if I connect Headset 1 (Only audio) and another headset for a mic, it works. I...
  6. N

    Question Looking for a good cpu motherboard combo

    Hey all, I’m currently looking at repairing my broken down pc. I have a gtx 750 ti, 550W gold power supply, 1TB HDD. I’m looking for a good cpu motherboard and case. I’ll mainly be using it for WoW. I do only have a $500 budget for the motherboard cpu ram and case. I can spend a little over...
  7. H

    Question Best time to upgrade? Need new CPU and etc.

    Currently have a rig with sub-par AMD FX-8320 CPU and only 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. Everything else is good. MSI ARMOR GTX 1080 8GB (OC edition), RM 650x PSU, SSD drive. So you can see I got a pretty huge bottleneck for my GPU. Basically I need a new CPU (Intel is still king?), will need a new...
  8. S

    Question Futureproof Ryzen Build

    Hello, I am a semi-professional gamer in my country and i had recently won a tournament prize for about $1500 (21.3 Mil Indonesian Rupiah) and i would like to upgrade my PC with the current specs: i7 3770k MSI Z77-G43 Patriot Viper 16GB 1600mhz RAM HIS ICEQX2 R9 290 WDC Blue 1TB 120GB...
  9. ahmediqbal1

    Question Is it worth buying 140Hz monitor?

    My PC specs :- View: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So as the title suggests should i buy a 144 Hertz monitor for this pc?
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Can you put SODIMM RAM into slots on a Raspberry Pi CM3 clusterboard?

    If I took a Raspberry Pi CM3 clusterboard (e.g.: and installed some SODIMM RAM into the slots, would they work?
  11. A

    Question Cant decide on build/ feedback on parts

    Ive been saving for a new pc build for a whilöe now seeing as my current build isnt keeping up with the games i want to play (plus everything has been upgraded to the point of me having to upgrade everything just for one singular component). Looking around the internet, and hours of research...
  12. J

    Question Is the SODIMM slot and pinout for a Raspberry Pi CM3 the same as a standard SODIMM slot/pinout?

    This is kind of based off my previous thread (, but are the pinouts for a Raspberry Pi CM3 and a DDR2 SODDIMM pinout the same? When examining the pinouts...
  13. J

    Question What is the latency of RAM (DIMM) and PCIe?

    What I want to know is approximately the amount of latency induced by PCIe and by RAM? I want the latency from the CPU to the DIMM slot and to the PCIe slot (so no round-trip latency).
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Are there any Male to Male RAM (DIMM) riser cable?

    I would like to know if there is such a thing as this. I am curious to know if this exists (so don't ask me "why?).
  15. J

    [SOLVED] What is the slot for this PCIe riser?

    I found this riser on Supermicro ( , ) and I see that 1 slot is PCIe x4(?). But there is the other slot and I don't know what it is, so I was wondering if you could help me...
  16. I

    Question Can excessive heat from the CPU damage other components?

    Hey, Recently upgraded my GPU, and now my CPU is working at full capacity. Currently when idle sits from 45-55 degrees --> 90-100 at 100% load (when playing games). My PC has never crashed but CPU throttles to avoid going over 100. I've got some thermal paste on delivery as i have not changed it...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] What is this riser?

    I found this riser online and I don't know exactly what it does. So can anyone help me? ( ) So far, I believe these are 2 possible options (but I'm open to other options). It could be: 1) An actual DIMM to M.2 or SATA riser that can store/cache the...
  18. M

    Question can a program harm my CPU

    hey one of my friends recently told sth to me that makes me nerves about my PC component.he said using 100% of cpu can harm it after like 3 years or more. i use a program that use 100% of cpu for like 2 hours and my temp is like 50 or most of the times 48. my friends use emulators for the game...
  19. ScrappeyDP

    Question *HELP* Spare parts build for a friend to bring to LTX 2019 - Need Advice!! ($1500 component build request)

    Hi, I am hoping to gather some insight into others thoughts on building a new rig for my friend. He currently has no PC and I'm looking to take him with me to LTX 2019 in July, but need to build him a rig for the BYOC event. I have a pretty decent tax refund coming my way and was going to throw...