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  1. B

    Question computer will turn on for about 1 second then turns off?

    my friend's PC sill turn on for about a sec then turn off with no beeps the part list is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/g2CX4q i do not think it is the bios but i could be wrong. thank you for helping me.
  2. RonBs

    Question i7 8750H + 1050Ti + 16ram 2600mhz

    Every game I played I had nice frames, but when I play minecraft my fps is under 50 fps, on fortnite high settings im getting better frames. I did every thing on nvidia contorl panel, the game runs on my GPU and I gave to the game 8 Ram. Even, when I set my pc to best performance (my CPU gets to...
  3. I

    Question Intel Optane memory

    So, I have a few questions maybe y'all can help me with. 1. Will Intel optane memory 16gb / 32gb version work with Gigabyte z370n mother board, its a mini ITX with 2 m.2 slots but since Intel optane memory is a Sata m.2 I'm not sure it works. I don't want to buy it then find out it doesn't...