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    Question Did my hard drive die?

    Hi all, ran into a bit of an issue earlier today, and am trying to diagnose it. My computer no longer boots properly. The lights come on, fans spin, and everything seems typical. However it never displays the windows login screen, and as much as I’ve attempted I can’t seem to get into the...
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    Question Advice on what pc parts I want to buy

    Hello. I want to build a new pc and get it assembled by someone professional I know. I'm looking for help deciding how strong this pc needs to be according to the things I'm gonna do with it. I'm a university student in mechanical engineering and for 3 years I've been using a laptop with these...
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    Question Strange situation with my D: Hard drive after a power outage

    Hello I've been looking for an answer and I need your help :) My D: hard drive is damaged and I have no idea what to do. It happend after a power outage a few month ago. Here are the symptoms : Can't creat new folders nor files (Error : 0x8000FFFF) Can't delete anything from the hard drive...