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  1. AntiSipater

    Question PC boots to black screen

    Computer boots to black screen on startup, have to restart multiple times (around 4-5 times) to actually get it working, except for the apps that open on startup like my AntiVirus and Asus GPU Tweak rest of the screen behind is black, I can press Alt + Ctrl + Del to open Task Manager still the...
  2. W

    Help my upgrade my pc

    I need help upgrading my pc for gaming, my current specs are: gpu- amd 7770 1gb vram cpu- intel core 2 quad q6600 motherboard- intel dg31pr psu- 550wat (not sure what brand) ram- 3gb 2ddr hd- 1tb I want to spend under $300, i need more ram i would have to get a new a motherboard, then also a new...