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  1. D

    Question GPU Overheating (?)

    Afternoon all, So my desktop has been having some problems when I play Dota 2 (I haven't experienced/"tested" it on any other game yet). Randomly, my desktop fan will go incredibly loud and the display will turn off. I can still hear game sounds or discord in the background so I know it is not...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Computer crashes seemingly randomly with loud screeching noise coming through my headset

    I recently got new parts for my computer, basically making it a whole new build apart from my 2 hard drives. Ever since then, I have been experiencing crashes at random moments. By random, I mean I have crashed right as I logged in to my computer, or crashed after 3-4 hours of playing intensive...
  3. Grayy_

    Best CPU for Gaming for the price.

    Ive been looking at the Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2 GHz QuadCore 8MB lately which goes for 279£ What is the best CPU right now for gaming,around the same price, with a 1070 & 16gb RAM cheers x
  4. I

    Upgrade Help Based on Current Specs

    Hey guys, My current system is at the 3 year mark. I just replaced the original hard drive with an SSD which has been fantastic, but it got me thinking that maybe I'm due some additional upgrades. I'm a heavy video streaming/multimedia user and a mid-level gamer - the most graphics intensive...
  5. T

    sandisk cruzer switch

    i have windows 8.1 and sand disk cruzer switch flash drive is recognized but is not showing in the my computer , it is showing in the disk manager , all drivers are updated , showing for safety remove also so kindly please how to fix this ? it happened after using the flash drive as a recording...