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    Question Computer Freezes up while Streaming

    So i been dealing with some issues with my computer over the past Year or two and i really can't think of why it's happening i've asked many of my friends who knows more about computer's then i do or friends who work with computer's So how it all started was one day i was playing Black Desert...
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    [SOLVED] My pc is randomly freezing.Can you give me a hand?

    Hi!I hope it's not the wrong category to ask this. My pc has the following: AMD FX 6300 AMD R7 370 NITRO 2GB Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P Motherboard HyperX Fury Black 8GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL10 SIRTEC High Power HPQ 500BR H125 Power Supply Kingston SSD 240 GB (a few months old) And a 1TB Hitachi Hard...
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    Question Inconsistent PC freezes

    Build and general info I will attach links to the parts i used and to the external hardware i am using as well. (Build) (Headset) (Mouse) (Keyboard). As i was building the computer everything was going fine and in fact it all ended up fine. I booted and installed windows without any issues. I...
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    New gaming PC build - input appreciated!

    I'm building a new PC (as mine is now several years old and destined for my wife), and have been playing around with some options. The overall goal of this build is to play current gen games @ 1080p at very high/max settings, and be extensible enough for an 'update' in a year or two (probably...
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    Extremly slow external hard drive (write speed)

    Hello! I have a WD Elements 1TB usb 3.0 external HDD. I ran a test with CrystalDiskMark and the reading speed was around 80mb/s, but the write speed was ONLY 4-5 mb/s... I've scan it for errors and defrag it, but nothing seems to help it write faster... What should I do?