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    Question Partially unresponsive PC ?

    hi everyone i've been facing a lot of hardware issues ever since I built my PC June of 2020. Not even a year into having my PC and I had to replace my RX580 during this horrible market Nevertheless, I'm facing another issue. So as of today, my PC blackscreened twice w/the fans blasting. I had...
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    [SOLVED] Screen flashes and monitor goes black after new harddrive installed.

    Hello I had an issue with my pc and would like some advice. I recently installed a new hard drive/ gpu to my pc a 1160super. I updated the gpu drivers but yesterday my monitors flashed and went black and monitors stayed off for several minutes while playing a game. Monitors have since returned...
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    [SOLVED] Computer rebooting

    My computer reboots almost everytime I load up league of legends idk why sometimes it freezes for a few seconds then crashes I played cyberpunk for 5 days no issues I tried to increase my RAM speed a yesterday and my PC wouldn't boot and I reset the bios and kept everything default I recently...
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    [SOLVED] The pc disconnects all my peripheral devices when i am playing.

    Hello. I have bought a new pc 2 months ago. My specs are the following: gigabyte RTX 2070 super oc AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 16 GB RAM X470 gaming pro(ms-7b79) Cooler Master MASTERWATT 750W BRONZE 80+ 4x120mm (3 of them with LEDs) HDD 1T SSD 500GB peripheral Devices: Dell SE2719H Motospeed CK888...
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    Choosing a motherboard

    Hey all, I've been planning to pick up an i7-8700 to go along with my 1080 ti but I haven't upgraded my motherboard in nearly a decade so I need a bit of help. I know I wont be overclocking but I have no idea what else to look for. I also don't care about ascetics if that matters. Recommend...
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    Question about Case dimensions on: PCpartpicker

    I have a question about case dimensions ... as I have never built a PC. When they list dimensions on PCpartpicker is it: W x L x D or L x W x D *(Its down in the left hand corner of the screen on most cases) Thanks!
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    Possible DOA PicoPSU?

    Hey. I bought a picoPSU-160xt for my new rig, and it can not seem to boot the PC. I've booted to BIOS with another PSU (RM750) for testing purposes. The pico is being powered by a 19V 6.3A charger, which should be sufficient in my eyes. Nothing seems to happen when booting. The motherboard...
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    Building my first gaming pc, any tips for a first timer?

    Ive recently ordered my parts and have been constantly looking at videos on how to build one, considering its my first time I don't want to mess it up... Is there a certain way I should build my parts in? Thanks Tom's Hardware crew!